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What Exactly Does It Mean To Be A Part of VHL


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Being in VHL really has two main parts to it.  One part is the hockey side of stuff where you need to get your tasks done weekly.  On the other hand you have the part about more than hockey, a sense of community and people being there for you.

First I want to address the hockey side of things, this part is going to be a bit more for new members but I highly suggest that if you’ve been in VHL for a while that you jump to the next part because that’s where I’m going to address some recent issues.  Anyways, for you new people... each week you need to complete one point task.  This is worth six TPE.  A point task can be a 500+ word article like the one you are currently reading, or it could be a great graphic, or a podcast.  You can find all of these throughout the forum.  Personally I like the media spots because they give me a chance to share my thoughts with members of the VHL community and to try to help new members as best as I can.  Anyways, each week you can get 12 capped TPE, six of those come from the point task I just talked about.  So now for all the 2 point small tasks.  One thing you can do is a press conference where you answer six questions in your teams’ press conference and submit it to get 2 TPE.  You can also do a VHL.com article, graphic or radio piece.  You can do up to 2 of these a week but they have to be different forms (you can do an article and a graphic but not two articles, for example).  The articles only need to be about 150-200 words and the graphics don’t need to be over the top but you should still put in some effort.  Finally you have VHL and VHLM fantasy zone and trivia.  With the fantasy zones you answer questions and can get both capped and uncapped TPE.  With trivia, you can answer two questions (ask around for help) and get one capped TPE per correct answer.

Now, I want to address the community side.  This is gonna be a bit uglier than my earlier praise of the VHL community.  While I love the VHL community sometimes like right now we’ve been getting a bit... divided and crazy.  And yes, I’m talking about the whole Bev rigging games thing.  We just all need to find a happy medium and then we can all peacefully get on with our day.  It shouldn’t come down to questioning the integrity of simmers and stuff like that.  Personally I think that streaming sims is a happy medium but that’s up for you all to decide.  But please, this isn’t congress as much as I personally want to run for office when I’m old enough... I do not want something like VHL to turn into the divided war zone that exists in Washington D.C.  This doesn’t apply to everyone but to those arguing like kindergarteners, please stop and find a compromise.  That’s all I have to say.



Trevor Wallace

532 Words

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Nice article, offers a lot of information on how to earn TPE in VHL. I liked the comments regarding the community, reasonable and fair. I agree that streaming the sims sounds like a good way to go about things.


The structure of the article is a bit ''messy'', few spaces between paragraphs and perhaps a picture or two to spice things up are my suggestions for improvements, solid article!

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