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  1. 1. We should be able to shoot up the rankings 2. Hang out with family 3. We should be able to go far 4. Probably 5. Distraction dance 6. I don't know many VHL memes
  2. 1. I could be doing better, but I'm glad the team is off to a great start. We're goin all the way 2. Yes, we should be able to get the 1 seed again 3. My +/- is down, so I gotta either play defense better or score more 4. Bottom D lines 5. Anything Thomas 6. Um...what?
  3. 1. I'm ready to get back out there and dominate the league 2. I'm going for championship or bust 3. Presser, trivia, welfare, and practice 4. I haven't been keeping track of points per season, but I'll definitely have enough to go to the majors 5. Any development for any age is great 6. Titans games
  4. As long as we get solid depth to back up the big guns, the draft should be fine Makes more sense that we lost but I still would rather us win Championship I've already been drafted and I'm just waiting to be called up I love football Tea, USA
  5. We shouldn't have dropped the first 3 games, even of we nearly came back I gotta go Miami It was rough at first, but everything started clicking once I got moved up, and yall were good I'm likely staying in the minors one more year and hopefully it'll be here Black Friday Top team in the conference
  6. 1: Staples Button. That was easy 2: The Lynx could pull off 2 straight wins to go against us 3: It's harder competition and much harder to succeed 4: I was in the playoffs last year and struggled. I learned a bit and now I'm perfectly fine 5: My hat trick assists in the playoffs last week 6: I don't watch much TV or movies anymore, but I love playing Team Fortress 2
  7. 1) We've finally reached 100 points this season. Along with first in the Western Conference and 2nd league wide in standings. What do you think about the current team achievements? So far so good, but we need to win the championship 2) Europe won gold in this season's World Juniors, with World winning silver and the US winning bronze. Were you surprised with the results? What do you think about this season's WJC? Not really. A bunch of great players come from Scandanavia 3) Who do you think our biggest opponent might be in the playoffs? What do you think we ne
  8. 1. It shows the amount of offensive depth this team has 2. Anything is possible with a massive shake-up 3. I'm more of the awkward type so I don't have any handshakes 4. Find a 3rd pairing d-man to keep the 3rd-line D going 5. Eating a ton and watching football 6. 'murica
  9. 1. I'm clearly not doing enough defensively and I need to step it up 2. I want to win as many cups as I can and be a Hall of Famer 3. The offense is definitely the strongest part of the Aces 4. I haven't been paying too much attention to other teams 5. I don't drink either. All I drink is water 6. Anything I can possibly get
  10. I'm hoping to get my +/- up into the positives Martin Brodeur spaghetti and meatballs Silverado Watching other sports Popcorn
  11. 1) Off-season is well underway, what are you focusing on improving? I'm looking to improving all my main traits as much as I can. 2) We acquired Seabass Perrin from UFA. What do you think his greatest benefit will be to the team? I don't know who he is but as long as he's an upgrade, he should be good. 3) Zamboni Driver is prepped to be the new starter. How exciting is it to have a young goalie on board for the long-haul? A franchise goalie for over a decade is exactly what any team needs. 4) Three rookies (Laine, Sens, Harvey) will make their debut this season. What is yo
  12. After signing a bit late and getting some playing time, I am ready to answer some questions
  13. Crosby is a short defenseman that loves to get physical. His size makes it harder for players to hit him without getting penalized. He's not afraid to get in front of a shot to block it or poke check the puck away. He does everything he can to keep the puck out of the net. While he's not very good at scoring, he tries to shoot one any opportunity he gets. He might try to get a bit too creative but he's always thinking outside the box. He's an all natural when it comes to handling the puck, controlling it with minimal issues. His leadership has more to be desired, as he's king of awkward around