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  1. At the end of Season 57, the VHL cut two teams from the league, the Cologne Express and the Stockholm Vikings. In this reality, these teams were not removed, stayed with the same names and locations and made it to the continental cup finals. The league format would center around 18 teams instead of our present day 16. Graphic: https://gyazo.com/4a4e56fe722c8c6c4901cb44ca6a40c3
  2. 1. To prepare for the end of the season I've been putting in more work on improving myself, making sure I train more often and make a point to get better in the hopes of reaching the postseason again. I also focus more heavily on any good luck charms, for instance wearing a certain hat coming to the arena while going on a winning streak and more. If it can transfer over luck then I'll gladly take it. 3. Shows like Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra currently, good remembrance of my childhood growing up and very entertaining stuff to look back on and feel that nostalgia. 5.
  3. 1. My performance can certainly be better, I'll be honest. I'm looking at the pros and cons with my performance and I would at least hope to say that I could have more goals this season than last if I keep up the pace with my performance. I can be better in other places however. 2. Right now, I expected more. We are currently under .500, losing to bad teams despite our talent and now in the playoff run. With some change I can definitely see us back on track, alive and kicking. I expected another offseason appearance and I'm hoping we can get there. 3. I've always believed Sandstrom c
  4. 1. I'll be honest. Not very good. I feel like I could've contributed a bit more to the team but haven't done so, I think I'm starting to get the hang of things but there has been several games where I've been more of a reason than a helper. 2. Disappointed. I'm not afraid to say when I'm doing bad even if the team is doing good, I can do better than what I'm producing on the ice and that's a fact. 3. The season isn't over until it's over. I like our chances as we're a .500 team with good pieces but strange mixes, we can get things done and make playoffs. I truly believe in that.
  5. https://gyazo.com/858e8981163ac85d3b31b0876fc3247c
  6. 2. First few things I did was to polish up on anything I believe was left unfinished, worked on scoring and my puck handling skills. Soon I intend to work on more defense and my strength aswell. 3. I did my usual but I wanna say I rested more due to the extended offseason. Rested and healed up my body so I can be alive and kicking once it was time to get back in shape. 5. Definitely listening to music, anything to pump me up and get me rolling. During the skate around I try giving myself challenges to do like aiming in a certain area or doing a certain number of a task. Anything to g
  7. 1. I would say the best memory of the GM would be me getting drafted to the Wolves. I remember him bringing me into the pack and simply just being a part of the major league team while being a decent minor league prospect. It meant the world to me and I'm grateful he gave a chance on me to be a part of the hockey club. 3. Truthfully I try to focus more so on myself and let the front office do what they please, I don't have that much choice in regards to who the new boss is so it's better for me to focus on improvements and whoever comes in we'll work from there. 4. My perfect linema
  8. Both teams here I have suggested as potential teams for future VHL franchises: Glasgow Guardians and Chamonix Black Diamonds. I have ran both teams with VHL/M players in the offseason event: VHL Pro-Am. https://gyazo.com/6372e7b47a6a29cf6e93d74c0a338913 https://gyazo.com/599bf9b1f7c98dd82c919a2890e93f82
  9. Here is my application: Hello, I go by Jakky here in the VHL community and I would like to work as a VHL/M A/GM some day. I have decent experience with STHS as I have gotten most of my GM work through the offseason event of the VHL Pro-Am. To those who are unaware, the Pro-Am uses VHL/M players who through scouting and then a draft are placed into a team and then a season followed by a tournament. I have been a GM for this Pro-Am the past two seasons and used teams in which I have suggested for future VHL/M expansion teams. The Glasgow Guardians and The Chamonix Black Diamonds. Both of my t
  10. 2. Don't expect perfection but don't sell yourself short. Your attributes from the VHLM will look nothing like the big leagues. We all want to have record breaking rookie years but sadly that's a flash in the pan. Aim to be good and aim to be better. 3. I expect my player to be better than he was last season. With King and Thightrap out of the team, I believe I'll play a center role instead of left wing. Faceoff king baby. 4. A successful season is being over .500 and making playoffs. Whether we get the cup or swept in the first round, if we can be a winning team and proud of that, t
  11. 1. Truthfully, even though we didn't get the result we wanted I always believe that we did good this season. We had a winning season, we made it to the playoffs, we took down one of our biggest rivals and got revenge against the Dragons, we made it to the final 4. Granted it could have been better but it could have been MUCH worse. 2. I want to get better, that's every offseason. I spend my first few days healing and relaxing and then I get back to work and put in a lot of effort to be in a good condition for the next season so I can do better than my last one. 4. I got two cats at h
  12. https://gyazo.com/5146e998e5cc1bcf0dc951811b359917
  13. https://gyazo.com/1b3b3a90fb891505b8dca9e969b0f338
  14. 2. I can admit that my rookie season wasn't the best but I can at least say that it wasn't the worst. I'm grateful to be on a good team with supporting teammates that helped me out and supported me when I did good. I can only go up from here, I did it in Mexico City and I'll happily do it in Vancouver. 4. LETS GO MEXICOOOOOOOO. Win the cup for me boys! Kings all day every day, WOO. 6. My goal this offseason is to put in more work and get better, I want numbers on the stat sheet, I want to help the team and I want to be even better than I was last season. Improvement by numbers.
  15. With playoffs approaching, lets crack some numbers and see who has the most and least amount of championships in VHL history! https://gyazo.com/5f4a53ce591495f35fc2ccca0a566b31