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Richardson addresses VHLM


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With the VHLM Dispersal draft a mere two hours away and high profile prospects out there for the taking, one thing has surprised Mason Richardson.

"...no, I haven't been approached by any General Manager at all. It's kind of alarming as I would hope GM's would approach possible draftees about their interest level in those respected teams. I have indirectly been spoken too about a team, but never been approached. I think it speaks volumes that some GM's haven't even reached out to draftees. If that's the way the VHLM's is, we have a real issue at hand", said Richardson at the VHLM draft combine.

Think about it on a big perspective. If a draftee comes into this league and is told the VHLM Dispersal draft falls on a certain day, and then never is approached by a GM before the draft, does that increase egis excitement? I would think not and I think the VHLM GM's need to step up their actual thinking processes when it comes to the draft. It shouldn't fall by the wayside.

"I see them active by signing free agents, even before the draft has taken place. Safe to say I know which GM's build around aging veterans with no work ethic rather than wait out for the draft and waiver pickups. I for one am watching each GM closely, and will request out of a place if they show signs of idiotic tendencies", added Richardson.

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As a member of the Ottawa Lynx, owners of the first three picks, I would really want you to join our locker room and help us win a championship and trash hotel rooms along the way. 

but I am not the GM nor a magical predicting genie.


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