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The VHLM Draft Happened


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Today the first draft took place since my return. I definitely spent longer than I'd care to admit trying to find it since the whole thing is in the portal now and I was still looking for it on the forum. Went full Boomer again on that one. It's cool to see how streamlined that whole process is. You get a push notification when you get drafted now, which is dope as hell. Back in the day it was sitting in a thread constantly hitting refresh with the rest of the league. We've come a long way since our roots as degenerate forum lurking monkeys who shouldn't have been allowed in public. It's cool to see things evolve and progress as the years go on, technologically as well as socially. Having the option to add pronouns to your profile for example, it seems like a small thing, but it's significantly more welcoming to the non-binary members of the community. Back in the day that wouldn't even have been considered, but MOST of us have done a lot of growing up and realized being inclusive is way cooler than trying to pretend to be edgy or trying to use dipshit pseudo-science to invalidate someone's identity (except for you Gen Chat you guys are a fucking nightmare factory that should be flushed down a toilet jesus christ. I'm proud to see most of the people I knew ten years ago have gone on to be relatively well-adjusted members of society. For those of you who didn't, well have fun in Gen Chat.

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