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Claimed:1st overall tourney, Match 2

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Last week, I started the 1st Overall Pick tournament. The first two combatants were Season 4 1st Overall draft pick, Left Winger Alec Miller, against Season 16 1st Overall draft pick, Goaltender Demetrjusz Dudek. Alec Miller won quite comfortably with 7 of 9 votes to move on to face Season 6 1st Overall Center, Josh Vesitquan. Demetrjusz Dudek will fall and play the loser out of game V. Stay tuned as there are a lot of interesting match ups.


With a new week, we have a new match-up. This week we have Season 25 1st Overall draft pick, Left Wing Ansgar Snijider against Season 32 1st Overall draft pick, Defenseman Jack Sound.

Season 25 1st Overall Draft Pick: Left Wing Ansgar Snijider

Ansgar Snijider


Ansgar Snijider started his career in Season 24 with the Kolari Panthers. The Panthers drafted him 7th overall in the Season 24 VHLM Dispersal Draft. In his first season, he posted 36 goals and 46 assists for 82 points in 72 games. That is a pretty decent season by VHLM standards. The team, however, did not manage to accomplish the same feat as they barely made the playoffs with an under .500 record and were easily beaten by the Oslo Storm in 6 games. The loss was not for a lack of effort from the part of Snijider, as he put up 10 points in the 6 games.


In Season 25, Ansgar was drafted by the Riga Reign in the Season 25 VHL Entry Draft, 1st Overall. After being drafted, he immediately was thrown into the VHL fire after both he and the team decided it was best for him to play in the big league. In the 72 games, Ansgar scored 17 goals and assisted on 18 for 25 points. However, much like the prior season, the efforts of Snijider did not translate to playoff success as Riga came out last in the Eastern Conference and were subsequently eliminated from playoff contention.

The following season was much better for the Reign and Snijider, as the Reign improved to 3rd in the European Conference while Ansgar Snijider upped his goals, assists and point totals to 53 goals, 54 assists for 107 points. 82 points is quite the turn around over the course of one season. This, however, was not good enough to help the team into the playoffs for the second straight season, as they finished 17 points out of the final playoff spot.


Season 27 is when things changed for the Riga Reign. Their 1st Overall Pick, led the team in scoring for the first time in his career as he put up 54 goals and 58 assists for 112 points. The next highest point getter on the Reign was Kasey Braun, who finished with 80 points. The Reign finished 4 points out of 1st place. In three short years, they went from 4th to 3rd now to 2nd. They made the playoffs for the first time in Snijiders tenure but were bounced in 6 games by the Helsinki Titans. In these six games, Ansgar scored 4 goals and assisted on 2 for 6 points. The major letdown in the series was Bjorkman's play in net as he had a save percentage of 0.885.


Season 28 was quite the blow for the Reign as their 1st Overall pick decided to leave via free agency. Snijider decided to take his talents to Davos, Switzerland. The first season with the new team was not considered a disappointment but deep down, I think Ansgar was disappointed because in the past two seasons he broke the 100 point barrier. His first year with Davos he 'only' scored 43 goals to go along with 46 assists for 89 points. The HC Davos Dynamo easily won the European Conference with 102 points, heavily beating out Ansgar’s old team who only managed 59 points. Due to a fairly new rule in the VHL, the Dynamo would face the New York Americans via the crossover rule. The Dynamo were knocked out in 6 short games. Snijider didn't really show up at all posting only 4 points (1 goal, 3 assists) in the 6 games, Snijider also shot a laughable 2.97% on 36 shots. Overall, this is not what the Dynamo had in mind when they signed Ansgar.


In Season 29, Ansgar got back on track as he recorded 100 points for the 3rd time in his career. He scored 41 goals and assisted on 59 for 100 points. This lead the team in scoring by a whopping 15 points. Again the Dynamo were the runaway leaders of the European Conference as they finished with 91 points compared to Vasteras' 56 points. The Dynamo again had to face a team from the North American Conference. They played the Seattle Bears in the 1st round. They beat "da bears" in a hard fought 7 game series. Two of the games went to overtime, the Dynamo were blown out 8-2 in game 6, but finally managed to win at home 3-1in game 7. Ansgar would advance to his first final in his career. However, there was no story book ending as they lost in 6 games. The fact it made it to a 6th game itself is pretty amazing because the Dynamo lost the first 3 games. One of these being in OT. The Dynamo won the next 2 games, one also being in OT before losing game 6-4-3. In these 13 games, Ansgar put up 7 goals and 4 assists for 11 points.


In Season 30, Ansgar and his team did more of the same and dominated the European Conference. The HC Davos Dynamo finished with 100 points while Snijider also finished with 45 goals and 55 assists for 100 points. The Dynamo would have to face another North American squad via the crossover rule and that team happened to be the Calgary Wranglers. What was pitted as an even series, the Calgary Wranglers dominated from the get go as they swept the Dynamo in 4 games. Only the last two games were fairly close as the Dynamo lost in overtime in game 3 and lost 2-1 in game 4. This truly was sad times in Davos as this was not supposed to happen like this.


In Season 31, Ansgar returned back to his old stomping grounds which was in Riga with the Reign. Some wondered how he would fit back into the plans and others wondered if the fans would even want him back after breaking their hearts just 4 seasons ago. Much of that doubt was put to rest Ansgar led the team in scoring with 51 goals and 49 assists for 100 points. The Riga Reign finished tied for 1st with the HC Davos Dynamo with 111 points. Due to the Dynamo having 1 more win than the Reign they finished 1st and received the bye while the Riga Reign had to face the Helsinki Titans in the playoffs. The Reign would unexpectedly lose the 1st game before going on to winning the next 4 in dominating fashion. The Riga Reign would then go on to face the HC Davos Dynamo who were waiting for a winner of the previous playoff series. The Reign came out a little flat losing the first 3 games with the 3rd being in overtime. The Reign though would battle back causing a little scare in the eyes and hearts of Dynamo players and fans alike by winning the next two games. In heartbreaking fashion though, they would lost the 6th game in overtime causing Ansgar Snijider to go into his last season in the VHL wondering if he would ever win a Continental Cup.Throughout these playoffs Ansgar put up 6 goals and 4 assists for 10 points in 11 games. Not up to his usual standards but still acceptable.


Season 32, Ansgar's last kick at the can, his final season. The Riga Reign finished 1st in the European Conference so all was going according to plan so far. They finished 5 points ahead of the Helsinki TItans. Ansgar tied a career high with 45 goals and 67 assists for 112 points. Again, all was going according to plan, Riga finishes 1st, Ansgar Snijider tied a career high in points, now they await the winner out of the Helsinki Titans and Vasteras Iron Eagles. The Titans pulled through after a hard fought 7 games series with Vasteras. The Reign easily won the series via sweep in 4 games. It was more bad luck than anything as the Reign won 3 of the 4 games in overtime. Again, all was going to plan, Riga finishes 1st in the European Conference, Ansgar matches a career high and then the Riga Reign make it into the finals. The Reign would face the New York Americans in the Continental Cup Final. The Riga Reign would split the 1st two games in Riga before winning the 2 games in New York, this is it Ansgar thought, this is when I will win the Continental Cup. So he thought, the Americans battled back by winning the next t2 games by 1 goal before heading to Riga for a decisive game 7. Ansgar thought we are at home, no better way to win the Continental Cup other than at home. Then the unthinkable happened, the Reign were blown out 4-1 on home ice to lose the Continental Cup. Ansgar had to watch with the team that drafted him 1st overall 8 years ago while the New York Americans celebrated in their barn. There is no other heartbreaking way to end a career than this. Poor Ansgar.


Regular Season

Games: 576	
Goals: 349
Assists: 406
Points: 755
+/-: 253	
PIM: 777	
Hits: 1959	
Shots: 3689
Shots Blocked: 229


Games: 51	
Goals: 29	
Assists: 20
Points: 49
+/-: -8
PIM: 96
Hits: 174
Shots: 305
Shots Blocked: 27


Season 26 Dustin Funk Trophy Winner
Season 26 5th Place Finisher with Team Europe
Season 28 Terrence Fong Trophy Winner with HC Davos Dynamo
Season 28 Silver Medal with Team United Kingdom
Season 28 European All-Star
Season 29 Terrence Fong Trophy Winner with HC Davos Dynamo
Season 29 Grimm Jonsson Trophy Winner
Season 29 European All-Star
Season 30 Victory Cup Winner with HC Davos Dynamo
Season 30 Terrence Fong Trophy Winner with HC Davos Dynamo
Season 30 Grimm Jonsson Trophy Winner
Season 30 Silver Medal with Team United Kingdom
Season 30 European All-Star
Season 31 European All-Star
Season 32 Victory Cup Winner with Riga Reign
Season 32 Terrence Fong Trophy Winner with Riga Reign
Season 32 European All-Star
Season 32 6th Place with United Kingdom


Jack Sound

Jack Sound started his career with the Brampton Blades after being drafted 1st Overall in the Season 31 VHLM Dispersal Draft. He was later traded from the Blades to the Bern Royals. In his 72 game stint with the Bern Royals he scored 13 goals to go with 34 assists for 47 points. He was also very solid defensively finishing with a +10 rating, 175 hits and 70 shots blocked. The Bern Royals finished 2nd in the European Conference with 85 points. They went on to face the Bratislava Watchmen in the playoffs. The Watchmen battled hard but wound up losing in 6 games to the Bern Royals. The Royals would go on to face the Vasteras Iron Eagles in the European finals. They wound up losing the series in 6 games. The Royals wound up winning 2 of the first 3 games only to lose 3 straight including a thriller in overtime.


In Season 32, Jack Sound completed a rare feat in going 1st Overall in both the VHLM Dispersal Draft and the VHL Entry Draft. He went 1st Overall in the Season 32 VHL Entry Draft to the Toronto Legion. In Season 32, the Legion were absolutely dreadful as they finished with 26 points, 19 points out of a playoff spot in a two horse race that was the North American Conference (Calgary and New York were the two teams to finish 1st an 2nd). Jack Sound himself had a very decent offensive season, finishing with 3 goals and 35 assists for 38 points, his defensive stats were high, finishing with 168 hits and 219 shots blocked, but his +/- was absolutely dreadful as he finished -41 on the weak Toronto team.


Season 33 was a big turnaround for the Toronto Legion as they made the playoffs despite having a sub 0.500 winning percentage. They finished 3rd in the North American Conference with 71 points, which was 8 points clear of the Quebec City Meute. Jack Sound also upped his production to 5 goals and 48 assists for 53 points. He also went from -41 to -14 while putting up 225 hits and 157 shots blocked. In what was supposed a wash, the Legion pushed the Wranglers to a 6th game while even leading 2-1 after 3 games. Jack Sound put up 6 assists in these 6 games but finished with a -2. He also had 14 hits and 17 shots blocked.


Season 34 was supposed to be a building block off of Season 33 but the Legion wound up missing the playoffs by 2 points. The New York Americans were the team that finished ahead of them in the standings. What lead to this impressive playoff push was after losing 3 straight games near the end of the season, the Legion would win 9 of the last 13 games going 9-3-1. Jack Sound on the other hand regressed a little bit as his goal, assist, and point total fell off a little. He finished with 5 goals and 40 assists for 45 points which is off from last seasons total. His hits and shots blocked dropped considerably though dropping to 180 hits and 97 shots blocked.


In Season 35, the Legion got back on track by making the playoffs for the 2nd time in Sound's tenure. They finished 26 points ahead of the Seattle Bears for the 3rd and final playoff spot. Jack Sound, along with the team, improved as he went from 45 points to a career high of 58 points. He scored 7 goals and assisted on 51 for 58 points. He also set a career high in +/- with a +51 to go along with an improved hit total which rose from 180 to 207. The Toronto Legion would face the Calgary Wranglers in the playoffs, and boy, was it one for the ages. The Legion would end up leading the series 3-1 but after 2 straight overtime losses they found themselves heading to Calgary for a decisive game 7. The Legion fell short losing game 7 3-1. In the 7 game series, Jack Sound had it all together as he was good offensively and defensively with a stat line that read 2 goals, 8 assists, 10 points, +7, 18 hits and 23 shots blocked.


In Season 36, the Legion wound up finishing 1st in the North American Conference standing by 1 point. The Legion finished with 113 to the Quebec City Meute's 112. This was a great moment for Jack Sound as this was the first time in his career his team finished a top of the Conference. Jack Sound was definitely enjoying this season as he smashed his previous career high in points. He finished with 8 goals and 62 assists for 70 points. His +/- dropped considerably to +27 though. His hit totals rose from 207 to a career high of 228. He also broke the 100 blocked shot barrier with 126. They would await the winner of the Quebec City Meute and Seattle Bears tout. The Quebec City Meute would emerge out of the two teams after a hard fought 7 game series. This might have tired them out as they went on to lose the series to the Legion in 6. The Meute won the first game, but after that, it was all Toronto as they would win 4 of the next 5 games. They would advance to their first final in Jack Sound's tenure, facing HC Davos Dynamo in the finals. The Legion seemed to be in control as they would go up 3-1 in the series. The Dynamo proved though to have heart, as they won the remaining 3 games to capture the Continental Cup. The snatched this Cup right out from under Jack Sound and the Toronto Legion's feet. Jack Sound again turned up his game in the playoffs leading the Toronto Legion in scoring. He scored 6 goals and 14 assists for 20 points. He finished with a +3 rating with 57 hits and 25 blocked shots. All this, however, was all for not as they lost the championship in a heartbreaking 7 games.


The Toronto Legion again would finish first in the North American Conference with 101 points, which was 6 ahead of the Quebec City Meute. Jack Sound interestingly regressed offensively but stayed strong defensively. He finished with 9 goals and 50 assists for 59 points. He also was a +30 with 283 hits and 122 shots blocked. The Legion again would await the winner out of the Quebec City Meute and the Seattle Bears. Many predicted another match up between the Legion and Meute but the Bears repaid last years loss in 7 games with a win in 7 games this year. The Legion matched last year by beating the Bears in 6 games, much like beating the Meute last year. Much like last year again, the Legion would face the HC Davos Dynamo in the finals. Unlike last year though, the Legion would win in dominating fashion as they swept last years Continental Cup champions. Again, unlike last year, Jack Sound did not lead the team in scoring, instead, he finished under a point per game with 3 goals and 6 assists for 9 points in 10 games. His other stat were close to last year though, as he was +4 with 47 hits and 18 shots blocked. Jack Sound did it, he did what Ansgar Snijider could not. 


In Jack's 7th season with the team, they fell off their comfortable perch of two years on top of the North American Conference. They finished 2nd with 95 points, 10 points out of 1st. Jack Sound matched last years point total however, with a career high of 14 goals and 45 assists for 59 points. He also was a +40 with 220 hits and 128 blocked shots. The Legion would play the Seattle Bears in the playoffs with the New York Americans looming in the shadows. The Legion would beat the Bears in 6 games. The Legion again lost the 1st game before winning 4 of the final 5 games. With the upstart Americans waiting, the Legion showed no fear as they also beat the Americans in 6 games. Half of the games were decided in overtime with the Legion only winning 1 of the 3 overtime games but that didn't matter as they still won despite the tough luck. For the third year in a row, the Toronto Legion would meet their new rival, the HC Davos Dynamo, in the finals. This would again go to 6 games, but it was the Legion on the losing end of this series. Jack Sound was not up to par on offence with just 3 goals and 9 assists for 12 points. He was a terrible -5 with 62 hits and 35 shots blocked. Jack Sound made it to 3 consecutive finals winning 1 and losing 2. Jack is about to enter his 8th and final season with the Legion in Season 39.


Regular Season

Games: 504
Goals: 51
Assists: 331
Points: 382
+/-: 121
PIM: 1036
Hits: 1511
Shots: 755
Shots Blocked: 943


Games: 54	
Goals: 14	
Assists: 43	
Points: 57	
+/-: 7
PIM: 190	
Hits: 198	
Shots: 115
Shots Blocked: 108


Season 36 Victory Cup Winner with Toronto Legion
Season 36 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy Winner with Toronto Legion
Season 36 North American All-Star
Season 37 Continental Cup Winner with Toronto Legion
Season 37 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy Winner with Toronto Legion
Season 37 North American All-Star
Season 38 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy Winner with Toronto Legion
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Content: 3/3 - Amazing work on this, this series is a great one to follow. Tons of cool stuff here!

Grammar: 2/2 - Any problems would be thrown out the window for the sheer effort here anyway.

Appearance: 1/1 - Looks great!

Overall: 6/6


Final: 6

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