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An American in (Goal in) Quebec



Waldron follows in the footsteps of great Quebec goalies, such as this one.


The 39th VHL season is going to be getting underway very shortly.  As we approach the monumental 40th season, there will be a great deal of reflecting going on about all of the great players and personalities that have allowed this league to not only survive for as long as it has, but to thrive and eventually expand.


One of the expansion teams has already established itself a nice little history, becoming a league power for a short while and becoming the first expansion team to win a Continental Cup.  However, Season 35 is a distant memory now, and the Quebec City Meute have fallen on hard times as of late.  With no first-round picks in the recent VHL Entry Draft, one that was packed with talent, the team is on tenuous footing moving forward, with only a few players who look to be VHL mainstays for the coming seasons.


One of those players, fortunately for them, plays the most important position in the game.  Brock Waldron, the sixth overall pick of the previous draft, will be making his VHL debut this season, playing the first of what should be seven seasons in the major league.  While not the hardest working player on the ice, Waldron showed the level of dominance he is capable of during the most recent VHLM season.



The VHLM's Sawchuk Trophy


Waldron absolutely dominated the pack among the goaltenders in the VHLM this past season.  His save percentage was 32 points above the closest competitor, and he led the goals against average race by over a goal.  He finished the regular season with a 59-11-2 record, six shutouts, and the award for top VHLM goaltender sewn up.  He also nabbed two MVP votes for good measure.


Of course, he didn't stop there.  In leading Yukon to the VHLM Championship, he posted an 8-0 record with an astounding .945 save percentage, and a goals against average of 1.35.  Needless to say, he was a pretty clear choice for Playoff MVP.


Now, Waldron takes his talents to the big leagues, and the Francophonic region of Canada.  While the Oklahoma-born Waldron is likely going to be a fish out of water for the time being, he'll be able to focus on improving his game and helping Quebec return to the playoffs in the not-too-distant future.  There are going to be plenty of rough patches moving forward, especially this season.  Waldron will be one of the better players on the ice for the Meute over the next season or two, which is never a good sign for a rookie goaltender.  Moving forward, however, Waldron will continue to improve and eventually turn into one of the better goaltenders in the VHL, as he represents the tail end of the youth movement in the VHL nets.  By that time, he should be ready to help his teammates get their names on the Continental Cup.

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I'm just doing this for the doubles week I paid for...I'll be getting 5 TPE a week from the pension, so it doesn't seem worth it to spend 30-45 minutes writing something for 1 TPE

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