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Chico Salmon Hangs em' up


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Decent career IMO.


Was projected to go 1st overall for the first half of his junior season; ended up falling to 8th. Toronto had interest in drafting me 7th, but I told them I could possibly be going inactive(was true at the time), so ended up falling to Calgary at 8th.


Had a lot of fun in CGY right off the bat. We made it to the 2nd round in my rookie season which was pretty cool. Also made it to the 2nd round in my sophomore season, and finals in my third season I believe. Played a 4th year in CGY where I scored 130 points and made the 2nd round once again. Then D_A started the rebuild and I was traded to TOR in the off-season via sign-and-trade. Didn't want to leave CGY with nothing, but also wanted to repay TOR for screwing them at the draft(in hindsight).


It was really close between TOR and SEA, but chose TOR because of what happened at the draft, plus Edgar is a good ole Owen Sounder. Played three seasons there and made it to the finals in every season, which is pretty damn cool. By this time in my career I wasn't a star, but a good depth player. Helped provide some good playoff depth scoring wihich helped TOR win the cup in S37.


Chico has one more season left and will most likely be traded to a contender. Would be awesome if I could make it to at least the 2nd round again, which would give me at least a 2nd round playoff appearance in every single season of Chico's career.

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