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Brennan McQueen Arrested at Calgary Bar


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McQueen caught on video trying to fight a fan


Riga Reign captain Brennan McQueen was recently arrested in a bar in Calgary after allegedly trying to fight some Wrangler fans.


"They came at me, I just told them they were pieces of [expletive] and moved on." - McQueen said in a press conference today


The fight was said to happen after a fan said McQueen was an awful player and the Wranglers were going to win the Continental Cup.  After someone told McQueen he was "a bigger scrub than John Scott", McQueen is alleged to have drop kicked the fan in the face.  


"None of that [expletive] is true.  It was a misunderstanding.  What more do you people want to know?  Me and the boys went out for drinks after the game and some drunk idiots decided to start [expletive]."


It's not known whether McQueen will face any jail time, but might have to pay restitution to the fan he knocked out.

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One of our fans said we were going to win the cup? There must be some good shit going around in Calgary, I need to get some of that. Next thing you know, our fans are going to start saying Braxton won a cup.

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