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@VHLM GM To send in your lines please use the Team Management section of the portal, if you have manual requests due to waiver pick ups or other roster changes please PM me your notes. For this first set if there any any issues in your rosters please let me know as soon as possible so I can correct them before the first sim tomorrow. I made sure all rosters can be at least valid so we should have no problems there but if you're missing any players or whatnot I need to know. A reminder that the portal and the sim are different entities so having someone on your roster portal wise does not guarantee they will be in your roster sim wise. I have to add them manually so please be as clear as possible with any requests.


Also like the last few seasons the farm system is on since it needs to be on all season or not at all. While the Junior system is not in use games will still be simmed (they are done at the same time) but they won't be posted. If we click Juniors over to being active (which has yet to happen) we'll get games posted for it as well. You guys will be in charge of your junior lines as well as your pro lines when the time comes to turn it on so make sure you remember that.


I cannot promise you a specific time for games, although 11am or 6PM EST is most likely; whenever games do run they will be live at the link below. I can't promise you they will be very entertaining; in fact I can almost guarantee that they won't be. However in an effort to be more transparent with our simming you will all be able to watch me click buttons in all it's glory. I will do my best to put a message in here and on discord whenever I go live. In regards to discord you can use the #roles channel to subscribe to the newtifications so you won't miss when sims are going live.



Good luck to everyone this season and let's have another good one! :cheers: 

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Just now, Devise said:

Look at us in sync! 

Funnily enough I was about to say that on yours haha. Clearly the most synced up we'll be all season.

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Double double bubble trouble two sims in a row for both leagues because that's how it be sometimes. @Beketov needed a night and caught me just in time to get both done so we are doing VHLM here right soon too. Tune in!




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