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Wrangler - Dan

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I really like the text on this - a nice cool effect with the displaced effect in the middle. The grunge effect is also really nice, however I think it would be better if you resized it to a standard sig dimension (200 x 400) and rearranged the text to make it fit. The background color and brown smudge goes really well with the red. As for the jersey swap, that's a pretty hard one to do since he's leaned over - but I think the logo needs to come a bit further down the jersey since its currently up to the strings. Great job though! 8/10.

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4 hours ago, Ricer13 said:


Dan Dan a Wrangler Man, if he can’t do it no  one can! @MMFLEXSo if you can’t tell i love this one, Calgary has a special place in my heart and this is a really great Calgary graphic. Love that aged filter and the text choice. Sometimes simple is better and this stand out graphic really proves it!


9/10 keep it up Ricer!!!

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Review: another great piece by Ricer! I think you’ve gotten better and better every graphic! The text used for Dan is sick as usual!! The dark rustic effort used for the graphic is very cool and one of my favourites! The logo swap is a difficult one on this render and the effort is admirable even if it needs a bit of work! Maybe adding a logo to the helmet as well might help with the overall product! 


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