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Toronto's Hot Start


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A strong offensive start for the Legion sees them first overall. Can they keep up the pressure?


Toronto Maple Leafs Win in New Ways - Last Word On Hockey


TORONTO, ON - After a disappointing season, it seems most are pleasantly shocked that Toronto have come out of the starting gate with six strong wins in a row. The team is exceeded expectations and there has been strong play across the board. The one concern that seems to be growing in Toronto is if this will be something that the team can keep up.


Those who remember last season, the Legion started off strong and put the league on notice but then faced some historic bad luck and found themselves on a serious losing streak with their game mojo in absolute shambles. This would lead to the team making some moves throughout the season and then in the following off-season would lose a lot of their star power which was highlighted by the team trading away their star prospect in Welch. 


Going into the season, everyone knew that Toronto had decent talent. More youth was added to the team but the team didn’t have a true star like other teams in the league. Regardless though, the Legion are dominating their competition with a six-game win streak and zero losses on the season so far.


The team is being led by Scotty Kaberle on defense who is involved in every play on the ice it seems with his 11 assists and 12 points in his six games. He has also been putting it all out there on the ice with 20 shots blocked as well. On offense Toronto is seeing a lot of players step up. Addison McLaren currently leads the forward scoring with six goals and 11 points while Lester Green and Phoenix Dawson are also in the double digits with 10 points through the six games.


“We really want to show the league that we have what it takes,” said Dawson. “Last season was rough for everyone in Toronto and to have such a strong start to the season is great for everyone. We just need to make sure that we keep focusing on our game to make sure that the strong play doesn’t stop. Last season we may have gotten ahead of ourselves and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do when we keep our focus on the game and hopefully get this streak up into the double digits.” 


Toronto’s big threat so far appears to be in Europe as Malmo are also undefeated and have the better goal differential with so few goals against. While Toronto is trailing in the goal differential they are leading the league in total goals at 32 so far. Another interesting thing to note is that of Toronto’s six wins only four have been regular and overtime wins while two were decided in the shootout. Both Malmo and HC Davos have had more success for 5 ROW so far on the season. It will certainly be interesting to see how the season continues to develop in Toronto.

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Great article. Reads almost like something out of an online sports article or even the newspaper. Great take on Toronto's hot start but I guess now a follow up article will be needed with the recent Toronto fire sale. Well Done! 9.5/10

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Review: This has a very professional feel to it, something that could come from an official hockey magazine. good title using bold, good picture and good separation. Good easy read and good insight into Toronto this season, I enjoy the quote from Dawson as well. 10/10

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