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Spence King

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Guess whos back (long pause)....back (Even Longer Pause) ... back again.... Spongebob Squarepants Waiting GIF by swerk ELSBY'S BACK !!!!! 


The time in my life has finally begun starting to get back to anything close to somewhat normal. The VHL Community and being an active presence on the forums and discord are such a joy to my life and now having the time that I can commit to being as involved as possible with hopes of starting up the EAOE again and most of all ELSBY WANTS TO BE GM !!! VHL , VHLE, VHLM .... No matter which organization in any league decides to take Elsby on as AGM or if the VHLE BOG grants him a GM position we know this franchise is inheriting a hockey mind like no other. Elsby is most well known for his scouting reports most of all his coverage with VSN during S73 & S74 as well as his infamous Press conferences that each team that has had pleasure to be a part of Elsby's (AKA Spence King) Press Conferences can most definitely attest to that fact. Elsby/Kings Creativity with content related to his team have been consistently off the charts and always bringing new ideas and fresh images to the community and always making the most in attempt to make the experience as inclusive and realistic as possible , most of all FUN !! 

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