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Finally Donating

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Sorry it took so dang long (I'll take the blame), but here is the thread where I finally make those donations from this poll:



So I decided that I'd just round up and make it a nice even number. ;)




$300 to my local animal shelter, North Shore Animal League






$300 to the American Cancer Society!






So some notes on why I picked these two.


1. They were the two most popular in the poll.


2. North Shore Animal League is the shelter where I got my second dog, Milton. He was the best dog anyone could ask for. Unfortunately during the holiday season 2019 we had to put him down because of an aggressive cancer in his lungs. It was absolutely heartbreaking. What was supposed to be a simple look around the shelter one day turned into the best friend anyone could ask for. I still miss you Milton :( 


3. American Cancer Society because of cancer in the family. I lost my grandpa to cancer when I was just a little kid. Seeing my mom break down telling me was horrible. It's amazing how fast it was when I visited him in the hospital to the news. On top of that a few years ago my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. I was working the night shift at my job, so when I came home at midnight with my mom and sister both up crying I knew something was wrong. Life isn't fair. I hope no one has to experience what I went through those few nights. Currently he is being monitored every few months. They are keeping an eye on it to make sure it's still in a good spot. I knew I had to chose ACS after these experiences.


So there you have it. What was supposed to be ~$500 turned into $600. I hope this inspires someone to make a small donation somewhere.


Have a great day VHL ❤️

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