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The man behind the award


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This is very simple but in a good way, especially since you added in the stats. Wouldn't want it to be too crazy with so much to read. I love the font you used for "Wylde", very neat and crisp. I also like the yellow overlay to, again, make the sig simple and easy to read the text. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the sharpness of it... a little too sharp on the render, but other than that great job!



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Review: Very cool. I love the colours, and the font for the name works. The number font feels a bit 8-bit and retro, which is a nice throwback. I love infographics. Some extra context could be his season? In the body, you could have tagged the member? I genuinely don't know who Wylde was or when he was around. Overall, nicely done, 9/10.

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