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A look at VHLM award candidates for this season


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As I am currently playing in the VHLM I've decided to look at the VHLM awards and look at some candidates and see who I think will win the award 


Founders cup
This is the trophy all VHLM players aspire to.  I will through out 2 teams per division as cup candidates.  In the eastern division I will go with the Mississauga Hounds as the favourite as they are dominating the regular season and have to be considered strong contenders.  The second team I am putting out there is my own team of the Miami Mauraders who sit in 3rd in the division.  I'm very biased but i believe we have a shot at the cup.   In the west there are really just 2 contenders and that's the Saskatoon wild and the Mexico city kings.  With Saskatoon higher goal differential they are my pick to lose to my mauraders in the cup final.


Prime Minister's Cup
This award is given to the team with the best regular season record and There is really only one candidate to win the prime minister cup at this poin.  That team is the Mississauga Hounds who enjoy an 11 point lead on Saskatoon with 14 games remaining.  Saskatoon has a game in hand but the hounds magic number is 19 and with that many games left it's unlikely.

Mitch Higgins trophy
This trophy is given to the league MVP.  The strongest contender for this award who leads the league in points by 9 and leads in assists by 5 while trails goals by 3.  There's a decent chance that he will lead all 3 categories and that would seal the Higgins trophy.  Another candidate is Kyle peace who is top 4 in points, goals and plus minus and leads in short handed goals.  


Ethan Osborne Trophy
This trophy is given out to the points leader and that is currently Duncan Montana.  Montana leads the league by 9 points so he's very likely the winner with just 12 games to go.  Bryn Yrwy is the guy who is 9 back while Zach Kisslinger II is in third 11 back and this race seems to be done already.


Alexander Chershenko trophy
This trophy is given to the player with the most goals and this season the most likely winner is Bryn Yrwy who has a 3 goal lead over peace with 12 games left.  This means that peace is the second strongest candidate while assist and point leader Duncan Montana rounds out my top 3.  


Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy
This trophy is given to the player with the most assists in a season and this year it looks like it will be in the hands of Duncan Montana.  MVP contender Montana has 80 assists in 60 games so far this season which gives him a 5 assists lead on Zach Kisslinger II.  With 12 games left there is still time to catch Duncan but I don't see it happening.  This trophy is a 2 man race as third place Nathaniel Minion is 10 back of first.


Ryan Sullivan Trophy
This trophy is given out to the league's best defenseman.  These awards usually go to the leading scorer among the d and this year thats likely the case.  Zdeno leads defense scoring by 16 points as he's put up 33 goals and 63 assists which is good enough for top 10 in scoring.  Hes also an effective player at both ends of the ice as he's second on the league in shot blocks with 171.  He's also not afraid to throw his body around as well.  The other candidate is pistol Pete but don't see him having a chance as he has less shot blocks and points.


Benoit Devereux Trophy
This award is given out to the top goalie.  This is a hard one to predict as there's different leaders in each category.  First candidate is Luke Spinelli who leads the league in wins and shutouts. However That's more of a function of his strong team in front of him as he's 6th in GAA and out of the top 10 save %.  I'd say the strongest candidate at the moment is Leroy Johnson who is second in wins and save % and he's  4th in GAA.


I haven't predicted the playoff MVP as I just wanted to focus on regular season individual awards as we have stats for them. 

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Review: This is a good article. Your predictions make a lot of sense and are supported by stats. Format is good, building and underlining as well as spacing makes it easy to differentiate between awards. A suggestion I have is to maybe use some logos? Other than that, well done. 9/10

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super well written, information is researched and well documented. all of the stats line up with the date that the article was released! woulda gave you a 10/10 but i was too low in your predictions ;) jk! article is very easy to read and is well formatted, keep up the good work !

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