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VHL Rookie of the Year Award Race -- Reinhart v Reinhart


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The Rookie of the Year race was wide open to start the season and then it boiled down to 3 players for a while – Jerome and Tyler Reinhart both of Vancouver and Jaromir Lemieux of Moscow.  However, the two Reinhart brothers have both separated themselves from the pack and will be dueling it out for the award over the final 15 games or so of the season.


Jerome Reinhart currently leads all rookies with 30 goals and 62 points while only playing 19 minutes per game.  He has a shooting percentage of 12%, a plus rating of +15, only 20 penalty minutes but has been crazy good on the power play so far this season with 8 goals and 15 assists for 23 out of his 62 points.  He isn’t afraid to throw the body around as well with over 70+ hits.


His brother, Tyler, has 25 goals and 33 assists which is good for 58 points and the second best point total among rookies so far.  He is a +12 on the season and plays just over 21 minutes per game.  He too has over 70 hits on the season and a shooting percentage of 9%.  He has a few more points on the power play with 12 goals and 16 assists for 28 points.


Both players play on the first and fourth lines and have helped the Wolves to a 61 point season to put the team in 6th place in the North American Conference.  They currently sit 6 points out of the 5th and final playoff spot.  The Reinhart brothers have very similar stat lines and there really isn’t much to separate them both from the award.  Jerome would slightly get the nod for me as he is a little more productive in less minutes and 30 goals as a rookie looks mighty good as well.


Jaromir Lemieux currently sits in 3rd place among all rookies with 46 points on 20 goals and 26 assists while playing just over 28 minutes per game for the Menace.  He is a -13 on the season with a shooting percentage of 8%.  He doesn’t hit much with only 19 checks on the season and his power play points are significantly lower than the Reinhart brothers as Lemiuex only has 1 goal and 8 assists for 9 points to go along with one shorthanded goal.  The Menace are in 7th place in the European Conference with 48 points and are 13 points out of a playoff spot.


In 4th place with 16 goals and 18 assists for 34 points is Riga winger, Anze Miklavz.  Anze has played nearly 27 minutes per game with a shooting percentage just under 10% and is only a -4 on the season.  He has also been pretty efficient on the power play with 5 goals and 9 assists in helping the Reign to currently hold down the 3rd spot in the European Conference.


Lastly, 3 players are tied for 5th in points with 32 points each – Shane Lazeski – 10 goals and 22 assists, Bogdan Trunov – 14 goals and 18 assists and the lone defenseman in the top 5 is Nathan Powers with 6 goals and 26 assists.  His 26 assists is tied for 3rd best among all rookies.


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Review: Solid media spot! I love the fact that you used focused on the two brothers and their sibling rivalry fight for the VHL Rookie of the Year award. Great job including stats for both of those players and for quickly and efficiently explaining the situation. You got to the point and you showed the stats to prove it. I also like how you explained the roles of each of the players mentioned on their team as well as brief explanations of factors that might affect how they play, including minutes and power play time. The usage of stats is great. My only feedback would be to maybe try to add some stuff other than stats and focus more on the two brothers instead of making it a rookie stat list if your title is about the two. Still, really well written and formatted. Good read!



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