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Marry, Fuck, Kill


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Hello all and welcome to another edition of MFK, this week we feature two stooges and a fat dog.


First up is Manti Te'o, otherwise known as fat kesler. Here's an excerpt of our conversation today:



okay iam fat
kill me



So it's quite  clear that manti is suffering from some sort of disorder and has some psychological issues. When I asked him to politely kill me, he didn't hesitate nor did he ask why. I request that Kendrick Lamar deal with this felon as I am fearful for my life. Please Kesler, stop fucking messaging me you creepy kent.


Next up is the beloved Vicky.


^Slut much?



fucksakes vicky i didnt ask for this
neither of us did
you are how
pls dont marry me
i've said the vows munk
Vicky is an interesting lass and is quite infatuated with myself. Despite my multiple denials, heshe still is insistent on marrying me, going as far as asking for my foot in marriage. Literally. I request that Higginpuffs wrongly intervene, losing his commish powers, and place me in power instead as I fear for the longevity of the VHL.
Finally we have baseball failure, Edwanda.
Well there are only good times ahead then!
fuck me
like, right now?
no wtf
you're right that is pretty direct
where do you want it?
Edwanda is quite the direct fellow, and takes things quite literally. Now here when I said fuck me, I definitely meant that as an undercover cop who is trying to take down a crime syndicate known as the Ninja Turtles. I request that Diamond Ace activates his trap card, thus making a triple entendre.
So VHL, out of these three who should I MFK?
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