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The VHLM Process

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The VHLM Process


In this guide, we're going to be covering the VHLM process as a whole. This means we are going to go through everything that may or may not take place from the time right after you create your player, up until the time you graduate to the VHL. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you read our guide on creating a player. So, let's get started!


Joining a Team

There are two ways for you to get on to a VHLM team: a draft or free agency. You will be entered into the draft no matter what, but if you join during the season you will join a team through free agency and stay with them until the end of the season. That sounds quite confusing so let me break it down and explain it a little easier:


If you join during the season or in the off-season but after the VHLM Draft has taken place: Since you joined after the VHLM Dispersal Draft for that season, you will go through free agency. Free Agency is where VHLM GMs can offer your player a contract to join their team for the remainder of the season, with the money they are offering being available for use in the Player Store. The contract you sign is just for the remainder of the season as whenever you join, you are entered into the next VHLM Draft. Therefore, at the end of the season you joined in, you will potentially be drafted to a new team. Free Agency is simply there to provide you with a team and teammates to have fun with until the next draft.


If you join during the playoffs or in the off-season prior to the VHLM Draft taking place: This is a much simpler scenario. Since you joined during the playoffs or the off-season, chances are the VHLM Draft will be coming up soon. You will be entered into it, and subsequently picked a team. Thats it! 


After you are on a team, regardless of what team that may be, you will receive an invite to join your teams club. Clubs are hidden forums that only members of your team, as well as your GM, can view. 


Improving and Updating Your Player

The whole point of the VHLM is for you to develop your player before moving onto the VHL. The VHLM has more options for earning TPE than the VHL, again, to allow you to develop before moving onto the VHL. To avoid typing more than I have to, see eaglesfan's "How to get started" topics. He has the long version and the short version. He outlines all the ways to earn TPE and, once you've earned some TPE, you can check Will's guide on How to Update your Player which will show you how to use your TPE to improve your player's attributes. It's important to note that, as a new member with no carryover TPE, you are entitled to start your player with 30 TPE. This can be placed in your attributes however you like.


Note: If you are not a new member, and have less than 30 carryover TPE as per the carryover guidelines, you may contact a commissioner to elect to have your player begin with 30 TPE instead of the carryover amount.



Every single team in the Victory Hockey League has a club, whether they are a VHL team or a VHLM team. A club is simply a hidden forum that only you, your fellow teammates, commissioners, and your general manager has access too. These forums allow teams to have private conversations whether its strategizing or just general discussion. It's important to have good relationships with your teammates and locker rooms are very helpful to developing them. You can find all the locker rooms you have access to at the very bottom of the main forum index. If you are drafted by a VHL team but still play in the VHLM, you may have access to multiple locker rooms. Alternatively, some teams have decided to host their locker room in their own Discord server. Check with your GMs and see what kind of locker room his team has.


Viewing Games and Tracking Your Player

Viewing games on the VHL is simple. Each day, games are posted in the game discussion forums. Obviously, you would click on the most recent season. From there, each topic is a game. So, for example, if you play on the Storm you would look for a topic that says something like "GM 134: Rush vs Storm". Once you click on that, you will see a link. Simply click that link and it will take you to the game results. There you can see all kinds of stats, plus the lines, play-by-play, etc.


To track your players individual stats, see this guide. 


VHL Draft

I mentioned earlier that when you join, you are automatically placed in the next VHLM Draft. Well, you are also placed in a VHL Draft. Which draft you are entered into depends on when you join. If you join before the trade deadline, you will be placed in the next VHL Entry Draft. If you join after the trade deadline, you will be placed in the draft after the next. Sounds a little confusing but its really very simple.


If you join after the trade deadline, you won't really have time to grow your player. Therefore GMs won't know what your all about. So, you will be in the draft after the next so that you can develop your player and get to know the league better.


It's important to mention that when you are drafted, in doesn't necessarily mean you will be in the VHL. If you are still developing, you may end up playing extra seasons in the minors. I will explain this further in the next section.



Since the VHLM is a developmental league, a TPE cap is in place to force people to graduate to the VHL in due time. The TPE Cap is as follows:


- You can at no point update your attributes above 250 TPE, any TPE over 250 must be banked until you reach the VHL.

- If a player is over this amount (250 TPE) at the beginning of the season they will not be deemed eligible to play in the VHLM.

- You are allowed to exceed the 250 TPE threshold mid-season, so long as all TPE after 250 is banked. 



So, that's pretty much it! That should cover pretty much all of your VHLM career. As a new member, this may be a bit overwhelming and potentially very confusing. Fear not, there are plenty of VHL members will to answer any questions you may have. Specifically, it is part of VHLM GMs jobs to help and guide new members. Here is a list of all VHLM GMs, as well as the leagues commissioners. 

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This is really great, I thought I was going to go undrafted, which in reality isn't a big deal, but I would still like the experience. Thanks for clearing up some questions!

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