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Mini podcast with Minion S1 E2


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who needs a backtrack when u got the sound of crunchy ground beneath ur feet. love it


- don't listen to the haters who shit on google forms for scouting. do what works best for you. nothing you do is going to please everyone because each person has their own preferences and opinions.

- congratulations on your M GM job! you're gonna kick ass in halifax :P

- thanks for the mod shoutout, we do our best :cheers: in a perfect world, i agree, code of conduct doesn't exist. unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world

- i'm gonna KEEP LISTENING TO UR PODCAST. i'm looking forward to your next podcast, when you get to talk about your first week as M GM!

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“I guess you could also say….aw snow in my boots, so uncomfortable.” You’re right, I absolutely would and do say that.


Where do you live by the way? Manitoba? Seems like you got plenty of snow earlier than most.


”youloser is a completely different user” is an excellent rhyme.


Sounds like you were doing awesome GMing work in the VHLE, I’m glad you got a VHLM gig! Let me know if you need an assistant ;) 


You COULD take a video of your podcast! I used to do that while driving, it was dumb. But just talk with a video and post it to YouTube, bada bing.


New mods Sam, Dom, Dil, Dasboot. One of these things is not like the other! Sam needs to go by Drewins from now on.


Give us Rome secrets plz.


 I’m glad you’ve continued making these! And it’s nice you actually prepare for them, I will continue looking forward to future episodes. :cheers: 





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