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Looking At Top WCoH Players


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Since the World Cup is rolling around, let’s take a quick look at the top player for each team this year.



For Canada, the name to look for is Dakota Lamb, long time Warsaw Predators player with a scoring touch that suits the tournament. Lamb is expected to be a major part of Canada’s campaign and put up numbers that matter for the Canadian squad.



For the U.S, Justin Lose is your guy. Justin Lose is a staple of Riga’s forward pack and is more than capable of scoring on the best goalies in the world, putting up a strong 37 goals in this past season. Lose has incredible hands as well, being able to walk through his opponents with ease.



Western Europe’s top player is none other than fellow Riga Reign forward, Cabe McJake. McJake will be an interesting watch, given that Western Europe isn’t a hub of hockey but his scoring touch along with his incredible puckhandling should lead towards fun play.



Team Nordic has arguably the best forward, as well as player, in the tournament with Gunnar Odinsson. Odinsson is an insane player, with two 100+ point seasons under his belt in the VHL. He’s expected to light up the tournament and make goalies regret being in the tournament at all.



Team World is in the conversation for best player, with Duncan Idaho leading the charge for Team World. Idaho put up a 54-56-110 point in S80, showing his incredible talent for both playmaking and shooting.



Last but not least, Isau DaMoose leads the Mercenaries in their dream to topple the top teams in the world. DaMoose also follows McJake and Lose in being apart of Riga’s incredible forward pack, with DaMoose being a smooth skating and smooth shooting forward with natural instincts.

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