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Will Brendan Marners Poor Play Continue?


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It has been some rough seasons for Brendan Marner, not playing up to where it is known he can play, and his cockiness is unliked but many players. There is no shortage of fans for Marner, but they have not had his back more recently with the lack of scoring he has been submitting. Since Marner is a loose canon, the teams around him have been putting their heads down to avoid responsibility. This mentality seems to be popular as the fanbase always tunes in and reacts to each post , but the player will get a lot of hate for some of these comments.


Past Two Seasons


As Marner has played in the minor league and European league there has been speculation whether he will become the great he talks himself up to be. With only 11 points in 72 games in Europe, and 0 points in 4 playoff games, it is clear Europe did not help his confidence in this league whatsoever. As for the minors, he has 9 points in 62 games, with 1 goal in 5 playoff games. So, it is clear from these totals that his play actually downgraded when he went up to Europe if you average the points per games, however, neither of these totals are to be proud about.


The Trade


Marner was asked about his lack of points, and he said, “I’m better than anyone here bud.” It seems like he is oblivious to his poor play. After he was traded to Rome Marner said he believed that the Gladiators stole him from the Watchmen as he believed he was Matt Thompson quality. Although it was an insane statement, the trade seemed to be quite fair according to many conversations around the community. Considering the talks about Marners potential, it could be seen as a potential steal, but not anywhere near what Marner believes for himself.


World Juniors 


Marner ended up playing for team Canada in the world juniors and he played much better than he has been in the other leagues. With 9 points in 8 games, it is not something to sleep on, and when it came to the playoffs, he got 2 points in 2 games. His performance there really showed another side of Marner and gives him the benefit for his future in the VHL. As he brings home the gold back to Canada, he only looks back at those poor seasons and raise that middle finger. He is going to be a new man, a new player, a new leader. His experience has improved, his play has improved and his skills. As he stays back in Europe for just one more season, he is believed to be the next star if these totals are held up.




Overall, it is hard to say what the future holds for this kid however, it is known that there is potential for improvement from his previous seasons. He will likely be looking to take a higher spot on the lineup as he only played on the 4th line back in Bratislava, but that was mostly on his really poor play, and being “home-sick” as he said. He is going to be fighting for that top 1st line roll to start the season, but if his good play does not continue from the world juniors, it is possible we see a drop in the lineup for Marner.

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Overall a good piece. I love how it is broken up into segments so we know what each point is talking about. I do have gripes with the fact that you didn't have spacing for the quotes. However I get that you don't have to always do that for quotes, but it still would have been nice. I wish you luck going forward!



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