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VHLers as Wrestlers V2


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This will be my new series of VHL members and the wrestlers that suit them personality-wise or legacy-wise. While I'm a fan I'm not a mega nerd like some of you are so excuse if I get any information wrong. Check last weeks here


Goldust Officially Added To Crossfire Event This Coming August - Wrestlezone

One of the most underrated wrestlers of the attitude era. A huge personality that when you see it its shocking how good he was. Caught behind some kinda dumb gimmicks you didn't always see how good he was. Cow is quietly becoming someone very important in the league but hes not quite at the top yet. We may see a gimmick change in the future this one works for now.


The Miz and Morrison
File:Morrison & Miz WTT Champions.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

@Moon and @a_Ferk


Our very first tag team in this series I think this tag team works perfectly for these two. This Houston Bulls management team are super young and act like it too. Moon is the guy on the mic but Ferk is the real talent behind this team. Moon has the charisma but all the real big brain moves and talent are all Ferk. Ferk isn't as big of the spotlight as much as Moon so ok playing second fiddle to the now manager of the Bulls.



This weeks is less bad than last week?

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4 minutes ago, Beaviss said:

This weeks is less bad than last week

Equal you forgot me again me again 😡

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