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2 :rig: v :dav: 3  - McJake comeback tour


Cabe McJake played over 400 games for Riga before traded to Davos. Is it any surprise that Cabe was the player who made the difference when Riga and Davos? McJake scored two goals for Davos as the team from Switzerland took a surprise win. Riga was the dominant team by shooting 51 times. Especially second period was all Riga, the shots were 26 to 9 for Riga, but still, somehow both teams scored once. No goals were scored in the third period, the game was 2-2 when the OT started. Gregory Bates scored the game-winning goal 3:34 of the OT was played. Deadly finishing from Davos, not so deadly finishing from Riga. Cabe McJake was the first star with two goals. Isau DaMoose scored two goals for Rigan and was the second star. The third star was given to Davos goalie UnGuri for keeping Davos in the game.

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