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Games: 274-290

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Game 282: Chicago vs New York


This was a blow out. Not even close for Chicago. The trend was definitely there once New York potted 3 goals on 23 shots in the first period. Chicago is definitely in rebuild mode and it showed in just that period alone. The rest of the game wasn't exactly dandy for them either. While New York eased up in the 2nd period with only 12 shots (2x the amount Chicago had by the way), the Americans put away another 2 goals. Going into the third period with 5 goals, Chicago at that point conceded. They ended the game with 1 goal, 20 shots and largely a lot of disappointment. New York won the game 6-1 on 55 shots.


Game 290: Chicago vs New York 2.0


Not very different from the last game to be completely honest with you. Another blow out. New York, again, starts the game with 3 goals on 31 shots. Chicago had a measly 9 shots in the first period. The second period was completely back and forth in terms of shots (NY with 17 and CHI with 15). The period ended with 2 goals to New York and 1 goal to Chicago. The same amount of goals were scored by both teams in the third period, however, with a 5-1 lead, it definitely didn't look pretty towards the end. 28 shots to New York, 12 shots to Chicago to round up a 76 unloading by New York. Chicago ended the game with 36 shots and took the L in a 7-2 loss.

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sim recap:


- back on track baby! The league's third fastest skater on the second def pair is money!

- Tallinder back to kill all opponent's hopes and dreams

- Leduc also benefits from that, Helsinki has something to say about it

- also, one of their players decided to have some nice chat with us in our locker room

- Riga Reign is your future S82 Continental Cup champions!

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