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Jubis's theme week


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Woah a review, those are rare. The effect you have on the graphic looks nice but it also lowers the quality of the photo a lot. On the name plates othat are on the back of the jerseys specifically Mitchell's I can see the white box poking out on that one, otherwise it's not as noticeable on the others but still a bit noticeable. For how you have the names along the outside of the graphic, I like it, specifically how you did the top part but not so much the bottom because again the white boxes don't really do your photo or effect any favors and it's pretty noticeable, I'd say maybe move those bottoms names up to the top to kind of wrap around the S72 Calgary Wranglers. The record is a good bit of info but you could probably size it up and center it but just below the nameplates on the players. Overall 6/10

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