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Games: 325-337

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Any point to actually check our only one and done sim today? Nope, I was right!! No Point at all!! Yeah, Meta!!

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Game 326: Vancouver Wolves vs. Los Angeles Stars


The showdown of the VHL occurred in Los Angeles today, and it was an electrifying one for any fan that was lucky enough to tune in. With 98 shots over the 60 minutes of ice-time, both goalies displayed magnificent poise. The Los Angeles came ahead with the win 5-3, putting them square with the Wolves well into the stretch of the regular season.  Many predict these two teams will meet in the playoffs, with the winner heading to being the favorite to take the final series. This is a rivalry to keep your eye on.

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Game 327 Recap
The Riga Reign traveled to Warsaw to face the Predators. At the end of an action packed first period, five goals were on the board with Riga taking the lead by one. The middle frame was a much slower pace - a single goal by Isau DaMoose extended Riga's lead to two. Warsaw rallied in the third period to gain control of the offense and hammer in 21 shots compared to Riga's 10, but neither team would score in the final twenty minutes, and the Reign left town with a victory in regulation time. Final score: 4-2.


Game 334 Recap
In this matchup between the Helsinki Titans and the Malmo Nighthawks, the Titans started the night strong with an early goal and followed it up by two power play goals in the first period. The Nighthawks, despite loading up 19 shots, were unable to find the back of the net until the second period. The Nighthawks offense would gain momentum through the night, and Artem Tretiak would prove to be dynamite in the crease after his first period stumble. Two third period goals by Malmo took this game to overtime, which went scoreless. In the shootout, Nathaniel Minion scored the game winner for Malmo, with a final score of 4-3.

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