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Team Reinhart meta dream team


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Reinhart is a very common VHL name with many great players deciding to use it as a very basic last name. So in honor of theme week I present to you the dream team of Reinhart, obviously their aren’t enough players to make a full line so I’ll be making a 4V4 lineup 1 goaile 2 forwards and 1 defensemen. Most of the players in this our meta and I’m surprised Vancouver hasn’t tried bag them yet.



Forward: Reylynn Reinhart @Ricer13


Ricer with this S77 build that has helped dominated the VHL and has helped Davos in his time their even grabbing a crazy 102 points in a regular season with Davos, with him now in Calgary it will be interesting what he can do while he is their. This build is your average meta build and one of the pioneers of the meta that we see many teams adapt such as the recent champions Vancouver wolves. This build is the build that overall made a big statement in the league and has given a good meta example to many new members and players. Ricer has also done a lot of work as the Calgary GM and other work to be a max earner on his player that has over 1000 TPE!



Forward : Jerome Reinhart @MexicanCow123


Speaking of the meta let’s look at Jerome Reinhardt who is owned by Mexican cow. This player is a copy of Ricers player following the meta that we saw help bring Vancouver to their championship, you can argue that that Jerome might have done the meta better though. With a even more crazy 131 points in a regular season it is easy to see that team Reinhart is overall no joke! Cow is also on his way to earning over 1000 TPE with Jerome. Jerome is also one of the key leaders to Vancouvers meta win in the S82 cup. Taking what Ricer did and doing it better overall made a statement that cow knows what he’s doing, maybe if cow actually did as good with making players as he is with GMing new York maybe the franchise wouldn’t be so frowned upon and always finding a way to not win a Cup.





Defensemen: Asher Reinhart @rjfryman


Another Reinhart that is a following of the basic meta build that we see in common with all of the Reinhart players. Asher has done a lot though with getting over 1000+ TPE and even getting 118 points which is very impressive for a defensemen and even better then a lot of meta forwards that we see nowadays. Asher is a solid defensemen and one that many GMS are greedy to have with the current state of the meta!



Goalie: Tobias Reinhart @Spaz


While Tobias may not be as impressive as the skaters on this team Tobias is a very solid player despite being run by your average clicker. Nothing special but a solid goalie that has helped Riga win a few games as a 500+ TPE player.



Overall this team is very based on the meta that we can see with most of the skaters, sadly we don’t have a second  defensemen with reinhart so maybe just for the leagues sake, if you plan on being a boring member and plan on making a meta player please make your last name Reinhart, thank you.



Ben Dahl

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