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  1. I may have an article I want to write soon but incase I can't, thank you so much @Jubo this saddens me to see you step down, you will definitely be unreplaceable.
  2. Spaz


    If hogan doesn't inducted now, we have to riot
  3. Awe thank you, I miss the team too
  4. Maybe when I'm not a goalie I'll swing by
  5. Player Information Username: Spaz Player Name: Tobias Reinhart Recruited From: Returning Age: 24 Position: G Height: 65 in. Weight: 200 lbs. Birthplace: Greenland Player Page @VHLM GM
  6. You know what would've made this ten times better even though it's already fire.......are you ready for this?...... Spaz comes out and spanks them both
  7. Don't worry Spaz isn't near anyone atm he will probably be back first game I think he's pissed and wants to spank someone but I'm not sure