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The Dream Team From My Time In The League.


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Julius Freeman - Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Matt Thompson

Condor Adrienne - Lincoln Tate

Rayz Funk


Wow. That was easy to write. I guess the difficult part is explaining my picks. I mean, at the end of the day, everything is up for interpretation. However, these are the players that stood out to me. These players I felt a connection with, whether I played with them or watched from afar. This is my dream team. Not necessarily the best set of players in the VHL, ever really. I'm also keeping this super informal. I can't be bothered to look up awards and do direct analysis. Who are on your dream team of players who influenced you. I'm curious what list of players you come up with because while those players may or may not be the greatest of all time, they had an influence on you somehow. Alrighty, lets get this show on the road!


Let's start with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. This is one of the biggest beasts the VHL has ever seen. I specifically made Onde Sandstrom to emulate a similar player to HHH. HHH had everything in his repertoire. I mean, he had the hands, the skating, defensive instincts, and the ability to be at the right place at the right time. This player, in my opinion, was exactly the type of player you wanted on your team. He was elite at every facet. Sure, he didn't score the most points ever in the league. But he was up there and scary as shit while at it. His last season in Warsaw, which was his best, was a 113 point season. His plus/minus was always elite, and he always shared an affinity with another player on this list, Julius Freeman.


Next on the list is Julius Freeman. Now, keep in mind. These were seasons where scoring wasn't at its peak like today. Julius, however, was extremely scary as a player. Julius, for the most part, was a PPG player and, for the most part, scored less than HHH, but their partnership was dangerous. They elevated each other and scored every single game. Vancouver was no feat as well. This was a team that was loaded everywhere, but Julius and HHH were the heartbeats of that team. It's actually shocking in my mind that they only won 1 cup (maybe two while I was gone?). Julius was the Dank, and Henrik was the Hank and one of my favorite duos in the VHL.


Matt Thompson. Do I need to say more? This was a legendary player from the commissioner himself—the first player on this list that I've personally played with. But you cannot convince me that he's not worthy of being on this list. Matt literally carried us in Malmo. 122 points with an insane shot percentage. The sad reality is that Matt isn't the more famous of the two players from Bek, but I think he had an absolutely insane career. Between playing in Seattle, Helsinki, and capping off in Malmo, he had an insane career. Scoring was easy to Matt, and so was hitting. Matt was the embodiment of a two-way forward.


Condor Adrienne is easily the best defender in the VHL era EVER. This dude, my god. Easily my favorite teammate of all time. Condor could shoot, pass, defend, and make an omelet during the game. I mean, I'm curious if any of you think there's a better player ever. This dude was a free win in fantasy throughout his career—super fun to watch as well. Condor should be named after an award in the E. Sure, he's never played in the VHLE, but he deserves his name on an award somewhere because I think he was the best D ever to grace the earth of the VHL. At least top 3 in my books at the bare minimum.


Lincoln Tate is another great defender. Sure, he doesn't compete with Condor Adrienne; however, he's a great player to have on your team. He could do everything and lead a team as the captain. Tate had an aura about him. He would make his players better, somehow. He could convince any player in the locker room to work hard. Tate reminds me of Ronaldo but not as famous. Hard work with a combination of talent got him to the top, and he deserves some recognition on this list. Hell, I wasn't even on his team, but he made me work my fucking ass off on and off the ice. This is a dude who deserves some love.


Rayz Funk is probably the best goalie ever to grace the VHL. He was fun to watch and an MVP candidate. He was everything I was not in Michael Johnson. He's won everything, and realistically, if he could've been named after an award, I have no doubt he would've been. Rayz was the pinnacle of that Seattle Bears time. He would shut out teams in the most clutch times as well. This was maybe, the most elite goalie to touch the ice. Even now, theres tonnes of great goalies coming through the league and yet I don't see any one of them getting as many accolades as Rayz got with Seattle. Unfortunately, there's not much more to say about him; you should know his contributions already. I mean, didn't he win an MVP in the finals multiple times? Cmon. Name a better goalie, I'm waiting.


Now again, this is a simple yet subjective list. Were there players that could've made this list? Sure. Were there players more objectively better statistically? Absolutely. But this was my dream team. The team was the best in my entire time in the VHL. Sure, there could've been better players before me, but every single one of these players holds an affinity to me. I'm inquisitive about hearing your thoughts and feelings towards this list. Are there any players you would replace? And with whom? Why do you think those players are better? Let me know in the comments below.



1/2 1,005 words.

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  • Commissioner
1 hour ago, fonziGG said:

The sad reality is that Matt isn't the more famous of the two players from Bek

Two players? Also I would argue unless someone joined in the 70’s Thompson is definitely my most famous player, certainly my most successful.

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4 hours ago, Beketov said:

Two players? Also I would argue unless someone joined in the 70’s Thompson is definitely my most famous player, certainly my most successful.

I've been seeing a lot of hype for Mikko which also was a great player of yours. I joined in S64 if I'm mistaken? Somewhere around there.

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