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my selfish throwaway dream team


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Review time.


I just reviewed Franks and gave him a perfect 10, but now I'm just drooling... This is really good.  A full line of your players and near-perfect everything.  The renders and swaps, the light effects, the gradient background and filters are great.  The only gripe I have with this is the text and where it's placed, I don't think it was the right choice.  The font choice wasn't the best either, maybe it was a last-minute throw-in idea?



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Review: Looks amazingly well done! Some logos on the jerseys look a bit wonky to me, but other than that, I enjoy the effort you put into this work. I enjoy the special light effects put on specific areas of the graphic. The font doesn't look too bad either, it's simple and easy to read. Overall, it was a job well done and a cool little way to express and show your VHL Dream Team! 8.5/10

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The overall look and effort is really worth the TPE submission. I like the full render players, and the fact that they all come with full jersey changes and player representation is an added bonus. I like the borders and the name text. Yje effects and lighting is good, it just seems like the blacks are really hard, and could use a slight exposure layer. I like this idea of the dream team, I think although you named it "selfish" it's really not, it's kinda why we all play this game for so long - the fact that you can look back and have a line-up of past players is really gratifying, and for a member who imho is extremely underappreciated, good for you to be able to showcase these six great players. Good work! 9/10

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