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(S84) LW - Maxim Papp, TPE: 30

Papp Maxim

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Hello and welcome to the VHL @Papp Maxim! Firstly I'd like to wish you the best of luck wherever you decide to go and if you have any questions just ask!! I'm the AGM of the Ottawa Lynx and we are the defending champions for two straight seasons, in Ottawa pride ourselves on doing what's best for our players with active updates and knowledge of the sim, our locker room is super chill so not many notifications during the week too. Plenty of room for you to fit into a role for us and become a leader. The contract I want to offer you will consist of fourth line minutes as the team is full of players,  but nothing stops us  to change  your position in the lines jf you are worth it.

Line combinatioms are released everyday and are usually updated frequently so expect more chances down the road with different linemates and position changes, can't have the same setup for too long. Are you interested in the contract above and want to sign with one of the best franchises in recent years? It's simple.. Just quote this message with a #GOLYNXGO and a contract will arrive shortly.

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Welcome @Papp Maxim

I am Daniel Janser, the GM of the Mississauga Hounds in the VHLM. @Ente2997 is my AGM. We are a franchise in a rebuild phase and we can offer you a bottom four spot.


The Hounds encourage locker room activity and the management and the Alumni are always willing to help to develop your player. We encourage you to build the player as you imagine him to be, but also offer assistance if you are at a loss how to achieve your preferred build.


If you want to be part of this rebuild/project and we could attract your interest, please quote this message and add #releasethehounds. We will send you an invitation to our discord channel (this is not mandatory but helps enormously with communication) and a contract which kindly accept in order to join us.


Whatever team you decide to join, we wish you best of luck and more importantly lots of fun with Maxim Papp.


Daniel Janser

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