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Seymour Butts on being a PPG player


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It's a strange feeling. Even though I've been injured, even through all the hard fought games. I somehow am keeping at pace for being a point per game player. It's a great feeling getting to this. It means I'm 1-2 steps away from being a dominant performer in the VHLE. If I can dominate well enough, I think I can make the VHL roster in Chicago. The General Manager has been incredibly supportive to me, has called me often enough and has told me where I could improve. Also the GM in Stockholm has been super supportive as well. He's definitely helped me set up a regime every day at the facilities. The support staff have been helpful as well. Each team is a very well run in helping my development. I got to give each team my praise. I'm happy to play for both teams in my career.


Also, have you been following the E? I can't say I have been. Only because I've been so focused on my own play, my own systems and my own schedule. What's been going on? Any drama happening? I just want this team to explode and win another cup. Lets get it Stockholm.

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I guess Västerås and Geneva trades are about as close to drama as we get this TDL, other than that it's just trucking along in the E.

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