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And just like that, Taro is gone--my first good player! I'd be shocked if I made the Hall of Fame, but could I at least get on the ballot? My life wouldn't be complete if I weren't able to face accusations of nepotism every induction. As I write this, I sit one point (and hopefully just one more sim) away from 700 for my career, and coincidentally also one point away from a career high. Had I been a S73 player and put up the same career stats? Who knows; I might be in. But recent number inflation may end up killing the dream for me--especially since last season was a (relatively) poor showing with just under 100 points (a sentence which I never thought I'd write 10 seasons ago). But all good things must come to an end, and so Taro must once again vanish into history.


You've probably seen by now, if you're reading this article, that I have recreated as a goaler, in keeping with my prior thoughts on what to do when recreating time hits. My thoughts on the matter have not changed--meta-related changes are coming, I'd rather go with a player who won't be as severely affected, and it's also the one position I've never played! I'm looking forward to this career. As also stated earlier...things are going to change for me over the next however-many months, so I can't guarantee that I'll get to the top of the class and stay there like Taro did. But that's OK, and I'll do my best to stick around and enjoy it--because that second bit is what's really important.

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