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24 minutes ago, Beketov said:

Shutout LA, let in 7 against Riga; picture of consistency I am haha


Edit: only just noticed the Prague game, average but at least we won.

should've capped ur build at 500 tpe

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Game Recap: 481, Vancouver Wolves vs Chicago Phoenix


The Vancouver Metawolves once again put their offensive prowess on display with this dismemberment of the birds of fire from the Windy City. Jerome Reinhart had two in the first and 3 in total, Corey Kitson picked up 4 points, and Thadius Sales ran away with 40 saves and a .930 save percentage. On the other side, Chicago's bot goalie for some reason only got 19 shots, but only saved 14 of them, then I realized that he got pulled but didn't want to restart the sentence. Sunrise van de Schubbekuteveen (which I didn't have to look at to know how to spell) had 3 points and 13 shots for the other side, and was the only Phoenix to have an impact on the game. To be honest, I don't know how Chicago scored 3 goals, and I hope Vancouver loses in the playoffs before Riga has to play em. Thank you and good night.


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