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An In-Depth Breakdown of why Maximus Decimus Meridius aka Beaviss is in fact a CHAD!


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I believe @fromtheinside is full of BS when he says @Beaviss is not a chad! 

From the insides articles is full of Bs and I hope the league will see that, beavis is a giga chad and you people need to see that, from the insides article of full of fake news in order to make beavis bad 

First off I think the name is badass and the reason he only has 44 points is because he doesn’t like to abuse the meta and get a bunch of points the easy way like other people do.
unlike you Vancouver people that abuse the meta like it’s a body pillow, his player is anti meta and that automatically makes him a giga chad!




He also likes chipotle which makes him a giga chad since all giga chads like chipotle and you can not tell me different! From the inside who we all know lies more then your average president candidate is coming up with these very fake things to make beavis not look like a giga chad! He tried to make it looks like lost ark is not a giga chad type game even though anyone with a brain knows that it is a giga chad game because beavis plays it and if he plays it, that means that it is automatically a chad level game. That is how much of a chad beavis is!

You also posted your article full of false info in the wrong topic thing or whatever and that hurt Spartans feeling which in my opinion is not a very chad thing to do! Beavis never hurts Spartans feelings unlike you uncivilized member! He makes sure to put what he writes in the right sections unlike you absolute non Giga chad! Only real giga chads don’t hurt Spartans feelings they let spartan hurt their own feelings, that is what a real giga chad is!





For my last reason Beavis is jacked! Looks at him he looks like he could be a clash Royale character with how jacked those arms are! If you are jacked that makes you a giga chad which is the difference between a giga chad and a regular chad! A regular chad isn’t jacked but a giga chad is absolute jacked like a clash Royale character! He is also part of the recruitment team too so that also makes him chad worthy! Just imagine trying to fight this absolute giga chad, Beavis is the type of person to get all the ladies/guys chasing after him at the club! He is jacked and does many other chad activities!



So in conclusion I believe from the insides article is full of BS and is very wrong when it comes to the definition of a chad! He used fake info and many other things to give beavis and bad look and make it seem like he wasn’t a chad! As a chad myself I know one when I see one and that is why I believe beavis is a full time giga chad! 


edit: why does everyone hate beaviss so much lol?

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2 minutes ago, Dil said:

Still time to delete this 

Im clamming this 😈

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