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I’m not as Good as I Thought.


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Hockey is not easy. Growing up I always knew that, but I guess I started to underestimate it. After a while, it became obvious I was the best player in my area and didn't have much trouble with my competition. I didn’t have to worry about who we were playing and whether or not I would be on the ice a lot. Well the VHLM is totally different. I don’t receive much time on the ice, and when I’m on it most of the time I don’t do anything. Except for one glorious game where I had two assists, I have not had any points. I’ve gotten a small number of hits which is disappointing since that is what I built my reputation on, and I haven’t come close to fighting any of the well mannered players in this league. People constantly call me and ask me if I miss my homeland, and while I easily could say I do, I just know I have to improve my skills and get to a point where I am a star. I know if I keep on working hard I’ll get there, so as of right now I’m ust focusing on improving and the upcoming playoffs.

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