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All roads lead to Rome (and to the Cup) ep.16

Baby Boomer

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Hello everyone,


last week I talked about Rome's winning the Renaissance Cup and completing the reversed sweep against the Cologne Express and in the same ending the S82 in the VHLE. Only a couple of days later, our lovely GM, @InstantRockstar, left us for a better world. Indeed, Rockstar was choosed to succeed to @rory  as the GM of the Los Angeles Stars. I really want to personnaly congratulate and thanks Rockstar for what he did for the Rome Gladiators, but also for me. Two seasons ago, after a lot of months to try and find a job as an AGM or GM, Rockstar gave me a chance that he did not regret and teached me everything I needed to know about the forum and STHS. Rockstar was the first ever Rome Gladiators GM and in all of his three seasons as the head of Rome, he reached the final with the team and finally won the Cup after losing the last two finals. I wish you the best of luck in LA and à la prochaine.


Thanks everyone, see you next week and let's go Gladiators!!!

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