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  1. 1. I mean tanking is probably for the best. But i always play for pride! 2. I think it shows just how much progress we've made in such a short period of time. 3. Honestly i don't really know. I've been ship focused on the vhl alone i haven't had much time to check out this year's draft stock. 4. Probably Lynch or Materazo. Always good to have more wingers. 5. Getting right back to work, training to get better and have more of an impact. 6. I wanted to break 60 points this season and i did. So I'm pretty pleased with that.
  2. 1. I think at this point we're still getting a good pick either way so. It's nice to see some work paying off however little. 2. Honestly yes i am, we're a good young team and it's nice to show it. 3. I'll probably say 2-0 in the future. But seeing these gunning wins shows that we have an offensive presence even being overmatched. 4. Many many beers with the boys. In Moscow the vodka is free for us. 5. We've had quite a few this year but of recent mind a win over Davos was pretty important. 6. I think if all goes well and everyone stays active and we get some stellar drafting, looking at a playoff spot wouldn't be out of the question.
  3. Finally Baillie comes out swinging!
  4. 1. Not at this point. I'm having too much fun! 2. I say make it a pack of wild dogs! That'll get everyone talking! As for names I'm not sure the names would be important. 3. Probably Davos spent time there before coming here. Nothing but love for those guys. 4. If there's one thing a Russian franchise can do is accomplish something out of spite. But also train harder than ever before! 5. We're a bunch of goons what do you expect? Tons of trips, roughing, fights, elbowing. Nothing new here. I personally love to kick back and relax in the box. 6. I'm so dumbfounded by it. We're all offense and no defense and then sometimes nothing at all. We have good young players so i expect that next season that will be tidied up a little bit more. 7. I think may has done as good a job as anyone at his level could be doing. I don't put it on him. We allow 30-50+ shots a game. We have to get better as a whole.
  5. Well i didnt see that happening lol
  6. Kyson Blake from the dead.. Again haha
  7. 1. Hoping to pick up but I'm happy with my production thus far. Everyone has been putting up monster points in Moscow this season. 2. Gotta be volosenko and jaguar. Those guys are going off right now! 3. I actually really like the branding that the team has. 4. Gebauer is my center and definitely a big time leader on this team. Lots of fun playing with him. 5. Unfortunately he went inactive i guess. I wish him all the best though. Owen May has been really important to this team so i hope we can have him build and become the long term goalie for this franchise!