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  1. 1. I want to say Helsinki because that's who I picked to win. But Seattle is no joke and this series easily could go either way. 2. I have not watched it yet. Since I found out the league and always Sunny in Philadelphia are on Disney+ I haven't watched much of anything else haha. 3. I mean guy is a repeat offender. I think parros got the call right though. He's a guy that you hate but would love to have on your team. 4. I wish him lots of luck in his new role here as gm of team USA! But, it's Canada all the way baby! 5. I think any other answer
  2. I don't know how
  3. I feel like any time I fight I get thrown out of the game Dan Baillie Jr beats up Randy Marsh at 0:21 of 2nd period Dan Baillie Jr ejected from game at 0:21 of 2nd period
  4. 1. This team has great chemistry. Lines are put together pretty much as well as they can be. Along with solid goaltending, this team will continue to make waves. 2. In all honesty, I play enough pranks throughout the whole year that when April fools comes around the biggest prank is none at all. 3. Not really, I don't really pay attention to that stuff. Though I do seem to remember one about ihop rebranding as ihob giving up on pancakes and moving on to burgers. Don't know why that one always stuck with me. 4. I don't really eat chocolate or any sweets for t
  5. wcats

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  6. 1. It felt like it was never going to end! I'm so happy the season is finally about to get underway! 2. Brad Marchand. Little rat piece to trash. He gets a pass on team Canada but everyday NHL I can't be stand him. 3. I only know what Wawa is because of tv or movies. I've never heard of the other one. I'm going to assume it's also American. I have no opinion as I've been to neither. 4. I try to put in a solid three hours a day for training and another couple for weights. 5. Depends, I find it helps me unwind from everyday bull crap so I don't it
  7. No worries, we're just so close to being done wanted to get it moving again lol