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  1. Its unfortunate that the Prague/Moscow series couldn't have happened in the conference finals! Nonetheless whoever wins tomorrow to me has an outright chance at the cup. Easily toughest matchup of the playoffs thus far!!
  2. What a series so far! I'd expect nothing less from Moscow.
  3. 1. I'd love to see another team in Ontario. Maybe something like Barrie? Thunder Bay? Kingston? 2. Honestly I'm not big on golf. It's fun enough to play but can't stand watching it 3. It's gotta be our ability to capitalize on being the underdog. 4. Arena hockey for sure. Spent my whole life in an arena. Outdoor is fun but it's more a novelty than anything. 5. Waking up not having to go to work. 6 high-pressure. This is why we play the game right? To be seen, To prove to the whole world that there's a reason why we're here.
  4. 1. I guess they say defense wins championships. So yeah I'll go with that haha. 2. Absolutely fire trade!! It's great for both teams. They get rebuild pieces and we get pieces to help us win in the immediate future. 3. Trick question. That number doesn't exist. As long as you can afford it. 4. He's killing it and it's so fun to watch/ be a part of! If I were to guess though I would say 112 sounds about right. 5. First car dbj got with that vhl money was a black Tesla model s. That thing rips. 6. You know theres a lot of important thin
  5. 1. I wanted the Chiefs to win but you can't bet against Brady in the super bowl. That's just silly. 2. Football, basketball, baseball. Other things randomly peppered in there. Jets, Raps, Jays. 3. I'm already happy I get to Play with guys like Landry. LeClair, Knight gee to name a few. But outside my teammates I think everyone would want play with a guy like Mikko Lahtinen. 4. No date, only hockey. 5. Probably DBJ. chanting initials in syllables is easy. 6. Probably someone like Kisslinger really holding it down on the blue line!
  6. 1. 12 of anything cold or a bottle of whisky and I'm happy. 2. I think so. There was a lot of room for improvement after last season and I think we're starting to show who we can really be. I am very excited about the future of this team. 3. Landry is Prague I don't see it any other way. Great person and great teammate no one deserved it more than him. 4. Honestly it was Easton until that was bought out by Bauer. I'm a now a pretty big warrior guy these days. 5. That is a tough question I can't really say at this point. Need more playing time. Th
  7. Dan Baillie Jr beats up Carson Walkers at 3:21 of 3rd period Dan Baillie Jr ejected from game at 3:21 of 3rd period I love the goon I've become somehow hahah
  8. Congrats guys!!!! Well deserved!!!
  9. I'm super stoked to be part of the leadership on this team!!! Let's go out there and break the sim!!!
  10. D - Matty Socks @Abe Roque
  11. 1. Very happy to be back, time to get to work! 2. I think there's a large portion of this organization that could be held responsible for this. Including myself haha. 3. Definitely! Some awesome prospects who no doubt will have a huge impact on this team for many seasons to come! 4. Helping this team getting into the playoffs and winning it all is the only goal I have. 5. I am a gamer for sure. Lately I've been playing a lot of warzone. I have cyberpunk sitting beside my Xbox but I have yet to put it in. So that'll be next. 6. Party H
  12. Well @Abe Roque has missed twice now. G - Jimmy Spyro @Phil
  13. wcats

    Games: 51-69

    Dan Baillie Jr beats up Alec Volchenkov at 10:12 of 2nd period Dan Baillie Jr ejected from game at 10:12 of 2nd period He didn't want the smoke