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  1. 260 Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans 261 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 262 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 263 Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion
  2. 1. Moscow is off to a decent start. Who on the team has really stepped it up this season? I think we all have done a good job stepping up and doing our parts! 2. Who are our biggest competition in Europe this season and why? Probably Helsinki or Riga. Riga really seems to have our number this year. 3. If you could be the head coach for a sim, would you make any changes to our lines/lineup? Not sure, I think we have excellent coaching it's just a matter of things coming together. 4. Who is easier to score on in practice, May or Bernard, and what is your go-to move to score on them? // For May/Bernard, who is the easiest to stop in practice? I don't get too fancy but I have a great ability in freezing goalies. 5. What team do you think is going to be the #1 NA seed and why? Vancouver looks like they have a potential chance to repeat a championship appearance but it's still early. Seattle is right there with them in the standings. But to be honest NA is pretty weak. 6. S68 VHFL has started. Where in the fantasy draft did you pick? (1st, 2nd, 3rd, overall, etc?) Who was your first round pick and did you have any general strategy? I picked third. My first round pick was rauno palo I think for obvious reasons haha. 7. Did you have any Moscow teammates in your VHFL fantasy group? I did actually! I drafted randoms those power play points baby!
  3. 175 Vancouver Wolves @ Riga Reign 176 D.C. Dragons @ New York Americans 177 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 178 Prague Phantoms @ Malmo Nighthawks
  4. Already made my last pick because it was a goalie. But I'll do it again lol G - Eagles @Zeno
  5. I may be the vhl version of tj oshie haha
  6. Finally get a hatty but lose to the Prague? This is so my life.