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  1. 1. Honestly I think we've had some bad luck in terms of the sim against teams we should've beaten. Hopefully that changes going forward. 2. I mean we all wanna see everyone successful build dynamics can change some things. I have faith he'll bounce back. He's an important part of this team. 3. Not at all. He's an absolute beast. Playing with him is a treat. What a scoring machine. 4. I might be biased. But, I love the Prague logo. Secondly I have a love for the Menace logo. 5. I'm a Leafs fan since day one. Tonight's game was not great but I have faith they'll turn it around. 6. I've been a hockey fan since I was four years old. I was put into hockey and it was natural to me. Some of my fondest memories was playing AA as a child.
  2. @flyersfan1453 congrats bud! You deserve it! Cheers!
  3. That was easily the smoothest draft I've been a part of to date.
  4. @Jayrad28 yup we are! Good luck everyone!
  5. D - Michael Gary Scott @Jayrad28
  6. 1. My main goal is another Founders Cup! Anything else is just icing on the cake. 2. If we continue to get solid goaltending, the sky is the limit for this team. 3. I wouldn't call it easy matchups as you've seen some of the parity in the league from other teams. I think we can keep up the pace. Remaining undefeated is impossible but there won't be many in the L column that's for sure. 4. Non stop working out. Always working out. Charity work too. Helping with the local kids in the community. 5. The 99 ECF even though the Leafs lost. I remember that being an absolute blast. Also the 2002, and 2010 gold medal wins. Then there's championships and tournaments that I actually won as a kid. 6. I actually like them both equally. Sometimes I'm in the mood for Coke and others it's Pepsi. I rarely drink soda so maybe it's that I just don't care enough? Haha.
  7. D - Charlie Paddywagon @Jayrad28
  8. Now that's what I like to see
  9. F - Scott Greene @Jayrad28
  10. Absolutely honored to be a part of the captain's this season! Let's go for the repeat!!!! LET'S GO SASKY!!!
  11. F - Julius Freeman @Matt_O