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Claimed:Zadorov and the Express [6/6 Final]


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Zadorov and the Express




 After winning the Continental Cup in Season 39 with the New York Americans Andrey Zadorov had quite the off-season. Last season the defender had 4 goals and 54 assists for 58 points in 72 games. The New York Americans were a dominant team finishing on top of the VHL. During the summer Zadorov learned he was going to be moved which caught the Russian a bit off guard but it wasn't necessarily a shock due to the Americans salary cap at the time. Players were going to be moved. Andrey Zadorov was then traded to the Cologne Express along with Wesley Kellinger for draft picks and Steve Tremblay. Zadorov was going to the Express to play a lot of minutes and play on the top pairing.

"We were incredibly lucky to be able to acquire Andrey, especially for the low price he came at. He hasn't just given us more depth but has developed into a legitimate first pairing defenseman in his short time here. He also is just entering his prime so I'm really excited to see what he'll be able to do these next couple of seasons and how far he can take his career. If Andrey keeps working as hard as he has recently, then the sky is the limit for him and he will be one of the cornerstones of our team when we push for a cup!"
~Cologne General Manager on acquiring Andrey Zadorov

Thus far this season he’s had a career year scoring 10 goals and 55 assists for 65 points in 63 games. He’s been playing a lot of minutes which has led to his minus 7 rating. Zadorov has been getting better with every game played and has seen a big change in his game. He’s currently ranked tenth in assists and fifth in overall defenseman scoring. He likes to say his success is due to being able to observe and play with arguably the league’s best defenseman in Conner Low in New York.  

“He puts up a ton of points and still manages to play a great defensive game. He won the top defenseman award last season and he’s likely going to win it again this year. He’s a great player that I admire. He taught me a lot and made me a better player.”
~Zadorov on Conner Low

~Connor Low with the New York Americans


Not only is Zadorov doing well this season but the Express are also doing well. The Express are 9-1 in their last ten games and are now in first place in the European Conference with 86 points. They've clinched a playoff spot and are hoping to take the European Conference crown. The Express have scored 211 goals which is the most in the VHL. Forwards Kellinger and O’Malley are leading the way with 103 and 90 points respectably. The team is fairly young and if they continue their streak there's a very good chance they'll be the top team in European Conference  They've been improving as the season has gone on and will only get better.

“We've been doing really well recently and playing hard. We've been scoring goals and winning games. I'm really enjoying my time here in Cologne and hopefully we can win the cup. As long as the team continues to win I’ll be happy."
~Zadorov on 

Zadorov has been racking up the assists late in the season and will look to stay over a point per game to finish the season. Which will hopefully help the Cologne Express advanced far into the playoffs. 

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Content: 3/3

Nice write up about Zadorov's new home in Germany. Was definitely an interesting trade when New York made the decision to send you and Kellinger to Cologne, but I think you have both fit in well there. Cologne is going to be one of the top-tier teams in the very near future so best of luck to you.


Grammar: 2/2

Good work here. 


Appearance: 1/1

Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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