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Claimed:Freedom McJustice - Rookie Profile [8/8 Final]


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Name - Freedom McJustice

Nationality - American

Position - Center

Height - 6'4

Weight - 225 lbs.

Age - 20 yrs.

Jersey Number - 76

VHLM Team - Oslo Storm

Player Type - Offensive




Freedom McJustice is an incredibly talented offensive player. He is an offense-minded player first, but has the physical ability to improve and hone his game on the defensive side.  A 20 year old out of Middle America, McJustice doesn't necessarily come from a talent rich area of the world, but Illinois has produced its fair share of hockey talent including Chris Chelios, Eddie Olczyk, and Tony Granato.


When McJustice declared his eligibility for the VHLM, he was quickly claimed by the Oslo Storm to center their second line as they headed into a playoff run.  He scored 3 goals in his first 5 games with Oslo, but is on a 7 game scoreless streak, showing he has a lot of room to grow in his early career.  While he is only on Oslo for the rest of the season, he is looking forward to a playoff run in which Oslo is favored to get to the VHLM Championship series.


Some hard work early on should pay dividends for McJustice as he has quickly become quicker on his skates, improved his hand eye coordination and control of the puck, and matured into a better, more efficient passer.


In the next couple of weeks and for the upcoming S41, the young center will look to round out his game and become an all-around threat.  McJustice's rights will belong to the HC Davos Dynamo as he was tabbed as their franchise player, so he will be ineligible to be drafted in the S42 Draft class.  Still, there is going to be a lot to follow with this player as he enters into the talent rich S42 eligibility for the VHL.







McJustice has a real nose for the net. He is an innate scoring forward and has an insatiable desire to put the puck in the goal.  He has converted at a high rate in his few chances in the VHLM this season, scoring 3 goals on just 19 shots. Scouts have compared him to Steven Stamkos, one of the best goal scorers in the NHL.  As a bigger forward, he puts a lot of velocity behind the puck and also has great control of where the puck is going.  It would not surprise us to one day see him at the top of the leader board for goals scored in the VHL.



As a center, Freedom will need to make his presence known on both sides of the ice. Although he doesn't have an innate presence on the defensive side of the ice, his skating ability sometimes makes up for that lack of positioning.  This helps him especially with his forecheck and his backcheck.  At 225 pounds, McJustice's fleetness of feet is even more impressive. 



While he's not exactly a Patrick Kane, the 20 year old center has a great awareness of what he is doing with the puck in the offensive zone.  He understands how to control and cycle the puck whether he's on the ice for an even strength situation or, better yet, the powerplay.  Having someone as versatile as McJustice lead your offensive attack is a true blessing that any VHL front office would covet.



This player has not yet grown into his center position.  He is able to adequately get by in the VHLM without being a specialist in the face off circle, but that will soon enough catch up to him in the higher ranks of hockey.  If McJustice truly is destined to be a center, he will have to focus on filling out all of the roles that a center must occupy - including the face off circle.



As mentioned above, McJustice is primarily an offensive-minded player at this point of his career. He has creativity on the offensive side, but lacks the reliability on the defensive side of the ice.  As mentioned, this is a role in which the center must be proficient.  Centers are not allowed to be one-way players, and Freedom must be more defense-oriented if he wants to ever win a championship at the next level.



Lastly, in games that we have watched, McJustice seems to lack a core virtue of discipline.  In just 12 games with the Oslo Storm, he's already logged 10 penalty minutes (with only 11 hits registered).  That is a rate that will not cut it at the next level.  McJustice will be a physical player once he gets a bit stronger, but he will need to work on playing within the rules and regulations as well.

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Content: 5/5

Nice write up! Interesting choice in name but  have no doubts McJustice will an Oslo all-star this coming playoffs. Goal scoring is our main weakness at this point so I hope McJustice can help even that out against the stronger teams. Best of luck in your career, from Oslo and beyond!


Grammar: 1/1

Not a thing, looking good! 


Appearance: 1/1

Looks lovely, dig the picture of Abe.


Over 500 Words? 1/1


Overall: 8/8

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