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Landry Plays Final Game At Davos


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Landry Plays Final Game At Davos



DAVOS - As the lights dimmed at the Zurich Center, Calgary Wranglers forward Thomas Landry found himself taking considerably longer than usual to leave the arena following the game. Long enough that he nearly had to be chased out by the custodial staff as they were trying to get the Zurich Center ready for the next game. Turns out that after pouring your heart and soul into the success of a franchise, it hits you pretty hard when you sit down and realize that you've played your final game there, even if you're wearing the opponent's sweater.


Landry scored two goals, both in the second period and netted an assist on a Sami Kravenin goal in the third period to finish with three points, good for the first star of the game as the Wranglers won 5-1 over the HC Davos Dynamo. But on this night, the crowd seemingly didn't seem to mind the fact that Davos was in the midst of their first losing season in five years or being on the short end of the game. Whether he intended it to be or not, the night ended up being all about Davos' former captain in his final game back in town.


"It was an emotional night for sure," said Landry the day afterwards. "It never felt like a road game, there were times that I had to remind myself that I wasn't wearing the HC Dynamo sweater."


The Calgary Wranglers have three games left to play before the VHL Playoffs begin.


Jethro Novacek is a contributor to the MSFL Times, which remembers when Family Guy was actually good. He enjoys not making trades in fantasy football, spaghetti dinners and being inside on snowy evenings.

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