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VHLM This Week (November 16, 2014)


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Welcome to :vhlm: VHLM This Week.

TPE Earners


VHLM Achievement Tracker is posted for the season. You can earn up to 20 TPE for completing it and you have until the playoffs are over to put in your claim.


Check out the Fantasy Zone. There are two zones, the VHLM version and the VHL version.

*Anyone can join the VHL fantasy zone, only VHLMers can join the VHLM zone. So go on and jump into both to try and double your gains!*

Most weeks both zones will only have 2 options for you. a) Pick 'em. You are given 4 games and you choose the winners of those 4 games. If you choose correctly and all 4 teams you chose are winners, you are awarded +1 TPE. b.) Predict the score. You are given 1 game and you must choose the winner and the final score. If you are right, you get awarded +3 TPE.

VHLM Fantasy Zone hasn't been updated in a while, so don't bother posting in the threads as you won't earn the TPE this far after the games were simmed.


Player store is open again. Use your newly earned contract money to improve your player or see yourself in the mag!




Season 40 Playoffs are scheduled to begin today! Get on your team colours and hold on tight, it's gonna be a rough ride.


Season 41 Dispersal Draft lottery was done, and once again Bratislava is going to be happy. Yukon lucked out as well in a draft with a lot of promising young stars.


Not directly affecting the VHLM, but Vasteras is no longer going to be a team. They've relocated, and if you want to see where, check the announcement out.


Keep an eye out on the job postings, recently there were two openings in the field of writing, one for grading and the other for the VHL mag. A job is a good way to contribute to the league and help keep the wheels spinning, on top of earning some extra TPE.

> 2 VHLM Mag Writers are needed.

> VHL Banker needed.


The VHL has their Instagram account up and running. Just for following with your account, you get +1 TPE. Simply follow them and then post in the thread. There's also a two PT opportunities you can take a look at in the thread. Good to see social media expanding for the league.



Here are some media spots and Fan590s I was looking at I thought you guys might find to be funny or a good read.


Edition 56 of On the Rise is out, the mag crew works really hard on it so make sure you check it out if you aren't. They seem to post a new edition on Monday, so read that in a hurry, then check out the new one in the next few days.


Kyle Kingma did an end of regular season interview to reflect on his year as a Bern Royal. Great member of the team and a great interview.


Travis Willcox spotlights a couple of S42 draftees who were ripping it up for the Blades. Always good to see new members be successful.


You can check out all the weekly updates in media or fan590s.




We'll take a quick look at some signatures. These are all made by users and we think these are really well done and recommend you check them out and other submitted sigs on ideas on how to make your own better.


Here we have Fedir Orkanitz with his sig for new member General Patton. A cool looking greyscale sig, check it out.


New member Sam Teibert features again as he released this fantastic sig. A big player on the GFX scene around here, he can only get better.


Lots of other that are worth checking out in the graphics section.




The Wild took it to the Outlaws schelacking them 7-0 for the giant win and goose egg.


The Blades squeaked out a win against the Royals in a wild one that finished 7-6, requiring overtime.


You can check out all the games that were played in the S40 games section.



VHLM Playoffs Predictions

Gonna take a break from the spotlights this week and post my predictions on how the VHLM Playoffs will shake out.


North American Round 1:

Gladiators vs Blades: 4-1 Gladiators

Gladiators are just too strong for the Blades to handle. The Blades should get 1 win on the board but will ultimately fall.


North American Round 2:

Gladiators vs Wild: 4-2 Wild

The Wild's depth will help them outlast the Gladiators, and they should easily handle them to move to the Founder's Cup finals.


European Round 1:

Watchmen vs Royals: 4-1 Watchmen

Despite the Royals trying to play the underdog, Bratislava is just too powerful and will overpower Bern.


European Round 2:

Storm vs Watchmen: 4-3 Watchmen

Bratislava and Oslo should have a very good series as the offensive firepower of the Watchmen meets with the defensive wall of the Storm. A truly unstoppable force hitting an immovable object series. Wild card could be Klose single-handedly carrying his team to victory.


Founders Cup:

Watchmen vs Wild: 4-3 Watchmen

Call me a homer but I think the elite 3 scorers that the Watchmen bring coupled with their depth from their late season waiver pick-ups will help them secure the win. This can be upset quickly if Soren Douffet chokes and the Watchmen will go home empty-handed.


Winner: Bratislava Watchmen


Let us know if you agree or disagree, and post your predictions so we can compare. Gonna be a good post-season no matter who wins it.

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Nice work! I disagree with your playoff predictions doe

Yeah the Rush should ... oh.. right.. lol


Who do you think will win? Why I wanted people to share theirs so we could compare and drum up some discussion.

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