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Claimed:Komarov scouting report [Final: 6/6]


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Komarov is a rare breed in a league that thrives and prides itself on scoring goals. A man who would rather crush you with a big hit or get in front of your booming shot than a player who will rack up points in this league. That is not to say Komarov won`t produce for you but he certainly is not going to be a stud offensive player at least early on in his career. Today we bring you the scouting report for Komarov and grade his skills as he gets ready for his first pro season following the playoffs this season.




First up is checking Komarov prides himself on being a physical force from the blue line. Komarov in fact over the last two seasons in the SMJHL leads the league in hits averaging over 180 hits a season and he is still young growing into his frame. If he continues on this pace he could eventually become the best hitter the VHL has ever seen.


Grade A


Komarov is willing to drop the gloves if he needs to a defend his teammates if must be hes always been a team first player and fighting is not something he will shy away from. That being said he so far hasn't even registered a single fight in his career perhaps that changes when he makes the jump to the bigs.




Grade D


Komarov has a few weaknesses and his discipline is one of them he averages over 80 PIMs a year he wouldn't be considered a goon just yet, but it is an issue he may need to address going forward if he wants to be a stud defender he needs to be on the ice more than in the box.


Grade F


Komarov for a big kid can skate like the wind among the best skaters in his draft class he will have no issues keeping up with his opponents. Defensive defenders generally can not skate all that well but Komarov is one exception to that rule. His skating is one of his best assets and expect that not to change.


Grade A-


Not many player in the VHLM are stronger on the puck than Komarov the kid knows he has size and he uses it to his advantage. He will continue to hit the gym and work on this as he aims to be one of the strongest guys on the ice.


Grade B+


Komarov wont dazzle you with his puck skills he has enough to get by but no one is expecting his to ever be able to dangle around anyone. Early on many scouts described his puck handling as if the puck was a grenades about to go off. He has improved since and will add a bit more skill here but never expect it to be a strength of his going forward




Grade C-

Komarov has a solid first pass he can help break out but he is no all star this is a skill Komarov has drastically improves since entering this league. Expect some more production here but not all star numbers just enough to provide some solid numbers.


Grade B


Komarov can pass the puck well but he can not hit the broad side of a barn his shooting skills are not there yet. He says he wants to work on this skill once he feels he has maxed his potential in other major areas. Expect minor growth over the next few year however for now don`t expect a lot of goals out of this guy.


Grade D



Komarov is an exceptional skater, and checker but what many expect to be his bread and butter going forward will be shutting opponents down. Komarov is easily one of the best defensive players in his whole draft forwards included. He can shut you down with his stick, or a big check, and he is certainly not afraid to get in front of the puck to block a shot. His positioning is impressive for a kid his age and we only expect it to get better


Grade A+

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Content: 3/3

Nice overview of Komarovs strengths and weaknesses. He is a shutdown defender for sure and despite not being the most productive player in terms of points, I think he definitely makes up for it by being a reliable defender. 


Grammar: 1.5/2

The main thing you need to work on as a writer is punctuation. For english being your second language, your spelling and basic sentence structure is actually quite good but without punctuation your writing flows poorly and is harder to read. The most common thing missing was commas. I put a few cases of comma issues below.


Komarov in fact = Komarov, in fact, 

if he needs to a defend = if he needs to defend

that being said he = that being said, he 

discipline is one of them he average = discipline is one of them. He averages

improves = improved

can not = cannot

we only expect it to get better = we only expect it to get better. 

whole draft forwards = whole draft, forwards 

exceptional skate, and checker = exceptional skater and checker 


Appearance: 1/1

Some kind of title would be nice next time. 


Overall: 5.5/6

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