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VHL: Read, React, Respond Mini-Series Podcast


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Instead of writing a boring old VHL Fan article, I figured an interactive podcast series would get the creative and opinionated juices flowing. Every week I will set out a short quiz/template in order to get peoples opinions on certain categories to do with NHL players, VHL players, hockey in general and the latest hockey news. The goal is to get reactions from you the members on who you think is the top dog or owns the best skill in the given field. This podcast will be short but to the point so many people can get their responses in. Everyone is welcome to participate by filling on the field. Obviously joke responses may be passed upon as some don't have a serious or intelligent bone in their body at times (Edgar). It doesn't matter if you are a Capitals fan, Maple Leafs Fan or even the rare breed of riga Reign fan, you can take part in this. So without stalling too badly, here is this weeks quiz-anaire!


Hardest Slaphot in the NHL:

Best 4th Liner in the NHL:

Most Underrated in the VHL:

Most Underachieving VHL Player:


Fire away and look forward to the responses!

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Hardest Slaphot in the NHL: Willie Weber

Best 4th Liner in the NHL: Dany Heatley

Most Underrated in the VHL: Janssen

Most Underachieving VHL Player: Bruno Wolf


I assume you are referring to Shea right?

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Hardest Slaphot in the NHL: If your talking about at a competition, it'd be Shea Weber. As he has the record. However I don't really feel Weber utilizes his slap shot as much as certain other players, so the hardest slap shot you'd regularly see on a game to game basis would be PK Subban for me. He cranks that sucker from an accurate position on the PP even from the point. It's a bullet. Players like Ovechkin and Stamkos are up there as well. 


Best 4th Liner in the NHL: Evgeny Kuznetsov. Technically he's playing fourth line minutes. :P No truthfully I'd say probably maybe Brian Boyle or Brandon Prust. 


Most Underrated in the VHL: Hmm tough question. Jansen is highly underrated but at the same time he consistently gets mentioned as one of the most underrated, which at times counteracts that. I think Brennan McQueen is very underrated. A star power forward who's been getting it done for seasons yet constantly gets overlooked as being a big piece of why Riga has been consistently competing the last few years. Especially when key players for that team either retired early or were aging. McQueen has been steady.


Most Underachieving VHL Player: Underachieving based on TPE/expectations? Martin Brookside probably, although you could easily argue Matt Bentley in that list as well. Brookside has been downright awful in most seasons, or average at best. His most recent outburst or quality play against Quebec is karmic justice. Bentley has had good seasons but consistently can't win a top d. He's basically the Mitch Higgins, and considering the member behind him and the TPE levels I'd say that is underachieving. Logan Laich is up there as well. I'm regarded as a "better" member and to make a player who hasn't even been capable of a point per game in most peoples eyes is embarrassing. 

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Sorry? :P Hopefully your joking, because I am quite looking forward to this, another new and original podcast idea from the brains that brought us Blades of Steel!

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I'm not joking. The whole point was that I was going to explain answers and give a general consensus. Not nearly enough people, but also you kind of paragraphed it all anyways. I'll come up with something new possibly.

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