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sterling Applies for Team USA


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Previously successful Super Cup General Manager and all around asshole sterling has applied to become the S40 General Manager of Team USA at the VHL World Cup. The potential General Manager has a literal ton of experience telling VHL GMs what to do, even becoming a General Manager for Toronto for a week and then trading himself immediately. With sterling's dark forward claiming two Founder's Cups, a Super Cup and a Continental Cup through his first four VHL seasons, the time is right to strike for quadruple gold, possibly becoming the youngest player in league history to manage the feat. All that stands in sterling's way is the plethora of scrubby noobs also lining up to manage Team USA. One rumoured competitor is young Austin Gow who is said to be an all around trouble-maker and not even a real American at heart (he opposed Vietnam after all).


"I am opening this statement to denounce any and all Gows that think they have a chance at Managing Team USA at this season's World Cup. Needless to say, I've uncovered some very unpatriotic things from this guy in the past several years. The worst of which is his current residency in Latvia," sterling said in a prepared statement.

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