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Triple Crown of...failure ?


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Lindberg's career may comes to an end soon. But first, he has a final series to play in the VHL. This time, it's a match-up against two of the best VHL forwards of their generation : Odin Tordahl and Niklas Lindberg. The Swedish superstar have been interviewed after his practice in New York : " It's exciting. We've worked hard and it's finally payoff. We have a solid group of people here in Riga and I hope I could help them winning a championship."


Lindberg hasn't not able to win the famous "Triple Crown" during his career. He won the Founder's Cup in S33 with the Bratislava Watchmen along with Davey Jones, Williem Janssen, Doug Clifford, Thomas Landry and Eggly Bagelface.  He won the Continental's Cup in S37 with the Toronto Legion along with Anatoli Zhumbayev, Jakub Kjellberg, Jack Sound and Remy LeBeau. He could have complete the achievement but he failed twice to win the World Cup in S34 and S37. He could have had a chance to win it this season but he decided to focus on summer training to be ready for NHL camps. Nonetheless, he won the newly Super Cup in S35 with the Pogge Sticks.


Instead, he could win another type of crown...the Crown of Failure. Niklas have reached the finals 4 time in his last 5 seasons, an interesting accomplishment itself but he won the trophy only...once...yet. If he failed again, he could be in a miserable group of people. Let's all hope that his teammates will prevent this "accomplishment".

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