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Can the Legion Make the Playoffs?


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While it seems fairly certain that Toronto will not make the playoffs this season, I would suggest you take caution before making that assumption.  To put it plainly, the Legion have a strong, young team that is improving each and every week while their main foe, the Wranglers, are going to be virtually no better by game 72 than they were at game one.  In fact, the only thing keeping them alive right now is a decent goaltender because the rest of their roster pales in comparison to Toronto's, which boasts arguably the best collection of young talent in the league.


But there is also a lot more to this.  Recently, the Legion were on a five game winning streak that included wins over the Titans, Reign, and Wranglers and it's been eleven games since they have even lost by more than a single goal, a 4-1 drubbing at the hands of the Reign.  To put it plainly, the Legion are getting better at a rate greater than any other team in the league and with an eight point deficit at this point behind the Wranglers, there is no team more likely to overcome that with 49 games remaining than Toronto.  While not making the playoffs wouldn't necessarily be a disappointment for the Legion, it would certainly be a big step in their rebuilding process.

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