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Claimed:VHLm Report - Wolfgang Strauss [Final: 6/6]


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VHLm Report - Wolfgang Strauss




On this week’s Edition of the VHLm report, we will go in-depth to look at one of the Turku Outlaws’ premier players – Wolfgang Strauss.

This left-winger from Germany, has been a key part to the Outlaws’ success this season. They have already solidified their spot in the post-season with their seemingly unstoppable offensive prowess, mostly, thanks to their top line of Strauss-Savage- Gigga-Bijou. Savage and Strauss especially have truly been the dynamic duo of the team. In just 56 games played so far, they have combined for 293 points. Strauss has already netted 67 and is looking to reach 75 by the end of the season.

I want to establish myself as a premier scorer in the VHL,” Strauss said during an interview to VHLM.com. “My success with the Outlaws so far is a great stepping stone for this. Playing with Savage and Gigga has been great and we are really gelling as a unit… but ending the season with over a goal per game here would hopefully light up the eyes of the VHL GMs that are looking for goal scorers in this year’s draft."




Wolfgang is currently sitting third in the scoring race in the VHLm behind Mario De Rossi of Brampton and his linemate Savage.

Wolfgang has really improved immensely throughout the season. I am really pleased with his process,” said Coach Angel Eyes of the Outlaws. “He has good skating ability, lots of heart, and an excellent snapshot. Goalies anywhere better start shitting their pants if they see him with the puck anywhere near the hash-marks, cuz he will find the back of the net.

Strauss has taken more shots than anyone in the VHLm this season, peppering 560 shots so far, an average of 10 per game. This should be a huge determinate of whether VHL GMs should consider him because historically, the best scorers of all-time always put up gargantuan amounts of shots per game. It shows he can get into space and get the shot away.

It shows a hunger, a determination, a willingness to get stuck in and get the shots away,” his coach said. “However it’s not all roses and bunnies. He has a long way to go before we can start comparing him to any established VHL forward. He need to get some more strength. You can already see it at this level that he is being pushed around way too much. He’ll give the puck away cheaply in the neutral zone. He needs to be stronger on the puck. That is what the best do and he is working on it. He’s still the best left-winger in the league and we are lucky to have him.

Strauss went in the second round of the VHLm Dispersal Draft at 15th overall, but based on his performance so far, we should expect to see him go much higher in the Season 42 VHL Entry Draft. It is predicted that he be taken in the first round but depending on the needs of the VHL teams and their picks, he could go as high as 3rd overall.




I don’t want to think about that kind of stuff.” Wolfgang said. “I would rather focus on improving myself as best I can than waiting and wishing for a certain team to take me in a certain place. That is outside of my control. I can only work on me… and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

When asked who his role model was growing up Strauss say without hesitation:

Definitely Markus Strauss. He is the player I aspire to be. He had three straight season with 60 or more goals, was a true leader, and of course, he was from my homeland. I would love tuning into the Worldwide Sports Channel so I could watch the Seattle Bears play. It’s incredible that he also shares my surname and I often get people – team-mates, opponents, fans – asking if I am related. Unfortunately I am not but hopefully I can be half the player he was.

He is certainly on track, but at this early stage in his career, he’ll have a long way to go. He has certainly given VHL GMs a glimpse of what he can do but it is always a gamble whether any given player can keep up the level of commitment shown so far by the young German winger.

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You get 6/6 for the bust post alone. Do I even need to grade?

Content: 3/3

Nice overview. He's definitely looking good!


Grammar: 2/2 Your enemy the commas is back.

  • this left-winger from Germany[,] has been - unnecessary comma
  •  key part to the Outlaw's - word choice. I'd opt for "of" 
  • mostly[,] thanks to their top line - unnecessary comma
  • cuz - even as dialogue that's not a real word.  " 'cause " would have worked better.
  •  because, historically, - missing comma
  •  kind of stuff,” Wolfgang said. - wrong punctuation, should be comma
  • he first round but, depending on the needs of the VHL teams and their picks, - missing comma
  •  growing up, Strauss says without hesitation: - missing comma, missing letter

Appearance: 1/1


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