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Time to Re-Create


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It's been another 8 season career come and go and now it's time for this old bastard to re-create a new player. My next player will be a playmaking/physical/duster forward. I'm thinking a player of either American or German descent. I don't have a name picked out yet, but I will think of something soon. I was able to eclipse the 1300 TPE mark with Labatte and I can say that I am very pleased with that player's career. The only player I haven't enoyed was my second defenseman. I am excited to get back into the forward world, this too will be my second forward with Jonsson being my first, the first player to eclipse 1000 TPE in the league. This next player will not be nearly as good as my last four, but I am hoping to have an good eight season career as a role player. I've retired from the Magazine and don't plan on picking up another job in the league for a while since I want to take a break. I'm also interested in playing out an entire career with one team like I did with my first player. Season 37 draft here I come!

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